English Learner Resources
Websites for Teachers and Administrators:

http://elachieve.org Their mission is to assist educators in equipping English learners for academic achievement.
EnglishPronounciationPod A podcast for everyone who wants to improve their English pronounciation and speak with an American accent.
http://everythingesl.net ESL Resources, Teaching Tips, Lesson Plans and Links to enhance your classroom.
http://eslflow.com They are a resource for researching ESL/EFL ideas and creating lessons and courses.
http://californiatomorrow.org Their mission is to help create an inclusive multiracial, multicultural and multilingual society by promoting equal access to social, economic and educational resources.
http://bilingualeducation.org CABE's vision:  "Biliteracy and Educational Equity for All"
http://schoolsmovingup.net Their mission is to help schools and districts address the challenge of raising student achievement.
http://www.calpirc.org  They are dedicated to promoting, supporting and sustaining educational opportunities for disadvantaged and at-risk students.
http://californianstogether.org They are a statewide coalition of parents, teachers, education advocates and civil rights groups committed to securing equal access to quality education for all children.
http://www.ncela.gwu.edu  Their mission is to respond to Title III educational needs, and implement NCLB as it applies to English language learners (ELLS).
http://www.myboe.org Brokers of Expertise is a dynamic Web site that allows educators to search for, and follow colleagues across the state who have had success in teaching specific strands of California's content standards, or are working with similar types of students, and thus make their own experience in the classroom more effective.
Using English Provides a large collection of ESL tools & resources for students, teachers, learners and academics.
WordReference Online language dictionaries
Write-Better-English A site for anyone who wants to write beeter English

English Learners and the Common Core Standards
Letter to SBE on Common Core
Testimony to SBE on Common Core

Seal of Biliteracy
CSBA Sample Board Policy
CSBA Sample Administrative Regulations
Press Release Announcing Seal of Biliteracy
ACSA Support for Seal of Biliteracy
Monterey Herald Seal of Biliteracy Article
The Seal of Biliteracy Webinar (SchoolsMoving Up) Mastery of two or more languages is an important 21st century skill, with economic, social and personal benefits.  Yet few young people achieve this language mastery, enrollment in world language courses are faltering, and the majority of English learners lose their home language as they develop English.  The Seal of Biliteracy is a powerful approach to validating and encouraging mastery of two or more languages.

Engish Learner Series
From October 2010 through February 2011, SchoolsMovingUp offered a series of six webinars based on the book Improving Education for English Learners:  Research-Based Approaches.  Authors of various chapters of the book discussed their respective chapters and the implications and applications for educators and administrators.
"SchoolsMovingUp has nearly 150 archived webinars on over 20 topics by leaders in the field.  Each archive includes questions, discussions, PowerPoint slides and accompanying resources from the live webinar.  A variety of download formats is available.  Download requires membership in SchoolsMoving Up which is free.  There are also tips for viewing and using the archived webinars with various adudiences."

ELL Series flyer
Effective English Literacy Instruction for English Learners Diane August and Timothy Shanahan discuss guidelines for teaching literacy to English learners and provide examples of how schools and district are utilizing these principles to implement effective English learner programs.
Research to Guide English Language Development Instruction William Saunders and Claude Goldenberg present guidelines for ELD instruction derived from the six syntheses and meta-analyses they reviewed and evaluate the strength of the evidence for each of these guidelines.
English Language Development: Foundations & Implementation in Kindergarten Through Grade 5 Ann Snow and Anne Katz provide unit and lesson plan examples of effective ELD instruction and discuss features of high-quality professional development.
Programs and Practices for Effective Sheltered Content Instruction Jana Echevarria discusses issues around implementation of sheltered instruction program models and classroom strategies and shares examples from exemplar schools.
English Language Development:  Issues & Implementation at Grades Six Through Twelve Susana Dutro and Dr. Kate Kinsella focus on the explicit teaching of vocabulary and syntactical structures as critical components in building students' oral and written academic English.
Alternative Education Programs for English Learners Kathryn Lindholm-Leary reflects on research findings on English learners' academic achievement in dual language programs and on the influence of certain learner or school characteristics on students outcomes.

The Seal of Biliteracy Webinar (SchoolsMovingUp)
Mastery of two or more languages is an important 21st century skill, with economic, social and personal benefits. Yet few young people achieve this language mastery, enrollment in world language, courses are faltering, and the majority of English learners lose their home language as they develop English.  The Seal of Biliteracy is a powerful approach to validating and encouraging mastery of two or more languages.

Meeting the Needs of Long-Term English Learners (SchoolsMovingUp)
Are you concerned about English learners who have been in your schools for many years and still are not English proficient?  Do you wonder how to address the nees fo these long term English learners?  In this webinar by Dr. Laurie Olsen, Executive Board Member of Californians Together, learn about the results of recently released research based on data from 40 school districts and pilot efforts in dozens of schools.

Making Standards-Based Lessons Understandable for English Learners:  The SIOP Model (SchoolsMovingUp)
This presentation focused on the challenges English learners encounter in learning grade-level content (e.g., math science, social studies) through a second language.  In this interactive online presentation Jana Echevarria, Professor of Education at California State University, Long Beach, provided an overview of the Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol (SIOP) Model of instruction, which provides educators with a research-based approach for making standards-based lessons understandable for English learners.

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