County Committee on School District Organization

Monterey County’s school districts are organized to serve their local communities.

From time to time, the needs and interests of the community change and school districts may be reorganized at the request of the school districts’ governing board or in response to a citizen petition.  Certain local agencies such as city councils and LAFCO may also initiate the action to reorganize.

The reorganization of a school district is not taken lightly because the resulting impacts on students, parents and the entire community will last far into the future.

In brief, a request to reorganize is submitted to the County Board of Education (serving as the County Committee on School District Organization) who will conduct studies and receive public input to determine cost efficiency and financial impacts, effects on the educational programs, and citizen representation on the school district’s board of trustees.The primary responsibilities of the County Committee as empowered by the California Education Code are:

  • Territory transfers
  • Unifications
  • Create or abolish trustee areas
  • Increase or decrease the number of governing board members
  • Rearrange trustee areas
  • Determine alternative methods of electing governing board members
  • Establish or abolish common governing boards; and
  • Rearrange trustee areas based on federal decennial census.

The County Committee on School District Organization will look at the various effects of a school district organization change on a school district and its employees, property, funds, obligations, bonded indebtedness, and revenue limit (how a school is funded).   

California’s laws on school funding are extremely complex, and while it may seem logical that combining two or more school districts would save money, the reality is that it could end up costing more than it saves.

We have posted a handbook on school district organization online at CDE

If you have questions on school district reorganization, please call Office of the County Superintendent of Schools at 831.755.0396.

For a map of the boundaries of Monterey County’s school district click here.