For over 40 years Monterey County has provided Head Start services to low-income children from diverse backgrounds. As a result, thousands have entered kindergarten on the first day of school ready to learn. Head Start & Early Head Start's comprehensive approach enables children to learn in an environment where their development progresses at their individualized pace, and includes the family as teachers.

While learning to count and knowing the alphabet are important aspects for kindergarten preparation, Head Start looks beyond the classroom and considers other factors, such as good health, social-emotional wellness and the involvement of families. Nutrition and physical activity are also emphasized as we know the impact that healthy eating plays on growth and development.

 On the following pages, we have provided information to help you learn a little more about our program, how we prepare children for school and how raising and educating children involves many. I hope you will see how Head Start and Early Head Start are great investments for creating future leaders of tomorrow.

Esther Rubio, MPA
Program Director