2017 MCOE Annual Education Report

County offices of education play a unique role in supporting state and local public education. Founded more than 150 years ago, the Monterey County Office of Education is one of 58 county offices of education created to facilitate the operation of California’s complex public educational system. Unlike school districts, the county office has both an elected superintendent and an elected board of education. THE COUNTY SUPERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS is elected by all the voters of the county and serves a four-year term. The county superintendent’s major statutory responsibility is the oversight of school districts’ finances. This includes reviewing and approving the financial status of school district budgets, interim report certifications, and the fiscal impacts of collective bargaining agreements. The county superintendent administers the county office of education. It is school districts’ board of trustees that govern their local school districts. The office of the county superintendent provides leadership, support, and service to fulfill the mission of public education and serves as the liaison between Monterey County’s 24 school districts and the state. THE COUNTY BOARD OF EDUCATION members are elected by voters in seven geographic districts ensuring that all areas of the county are represented. Mandated duties of the county board include approving the budget of the county superintendent of schools; serving as a board of appeals for students expelled by local districts; serving as a board of appeals for families that have been denied interdistrict transfer requests; and conducting matters of school district organization. THE MONTEREY COUNTY OFFICE OF EDUCATION operates direct student programs that are more cost effective and efficient to offer on a countywide basis. MCOE provides an array of services to support the 24 school districts in the county. Working with districts, MCOE can more efficiently offer a broad range of collaborative services and partnerships. This saves taxpayers money and assists local districts to focus on their primary mission of educating students. MCOE services fall under three broad categories: student services, educational services, and finance/business services. MONTEREY COUNTY SUPERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS Nancy Kotowski, Ph.D. Mary Claypool PRESIDENT Janet Wohlgemuth VICE PRESIDENT Sergio Alejo Harvey Kuffner John McPherson Ron Panziera Judy Pennycook COUNTY BOARD OF EDUCATION 901 Blanco Circle, Salinas, CA 93901 831.755.0301 • www.montereycoe.org Ruth Andresen BOARD MEMBER EMERITUS THANK YOU TO OUR SPONSORS FOR THEIR GENEROUS DONATIONS IN ALLOWING US TO PAY FOR THE PUBLICATION OF THIS EDUCATION REPORT. LIKE US FOLLOW US THE MONTEREY COUNTY OFFICE OF EDUCATION PROVIDING LEADERSHIP, SUPPORT, AND SERVICE