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Every Day Counts

Attendance is more than just a head count. 

Attendance means so much more than filling chairs with warm bodies for the sake of adding to a school's enrollment count. Regular attendance plays a pivotal role in students' overall development and academic success. When students are continuously exposed to a learning environment, they develop a deeper understanding of subjects from their teachers and peers. Students who attend school every day have a better chance to engage with the curriculum, participate in discussions, and collaborate with peers, which enhances critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

MCOE is here to help!

MCOE cares deeply about every student and their academic growth. Learning requires being present and embracing the entirety of a day's lesson. MCOE wants to support students, their families, and our community in ensuring every student is able to attend school every day. 

Missing School Can be a Signal that Students Need Support

When students are at school each day, we know they are healthy, safe, and learning. However, when students are not in school, they are falling behind. Chronic absenteeism impacts all students—no matter their age. Students that miss just two days a month for any reason are more likely to not read at grade level, and more likely to not graduate.

Students might be absent because of the following reasons which interfere with school:

  • struggles with school subjects
  • school climate
  • mental or physical health conditions
  • anxiety
  • lack of transportation
  • tasked with caring for family members


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