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Leadership, Support and Service to Prepare All Students for Success

Dr. Deneen Guss, County Superintendent of Schools

About MCOE

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The Monterey County Office of Education provides the leadership, support and service excellence needed to prepare the diverse students of Monterey County for success in each step of their educational journey.


Every student will be provided an enriched educational experience through the leadership, support and service of the Monterey County Office of Education that prepares them for success as productive and contributing members of a global society.

Core Values:

Accountability:  We are accountable in all we do, always operating in a transparent manner, building and upholding the public’s trust.

Collaboration:  We promote a collaborative culture that empowers organizational synergies and strong partnerships.

Innovation:  We are committed to leadership that cultivates innovative ideas that result in effective systems and increased capacity.

Diversity:  We value and promote diversity, respecting different perspectives, cultures, and experiences to better serve our communities.

Equity:  We foster a culture of equity to provide opportunities for everyone to perform at the highest levels of achievement.

What We Offer

It takes more than books and classrooms to provide children with a good education. It takes educators who are willing to invest themselves in our children's future. Like any other large organization, our schools require business, financial, professional development and technological resources to operate efficiently and effectively. That's where MCOE comes in. Established more than 150 years ago by California's Constitution, MCOE provides vital resources to support the county's 24 school districts, two community colleges, and state university. Together, we work to give all of Monterey County's students, from pre-school through post-secondary, the tools they need to succeed in life. MCOE ensures that all Monterey County school districts are fiscally responsible, providing financial oversight, accounting and payroll services, and other tools to ensure financial stability. It would not be cost effective for each school district alone to acquire the many services needed to operate. That's why MCOE is the districts' single source for an array of business, technology, professional development, credentialing, education, teacher recruitment, and support services. MCOE provides teacher, administrator, and instructional support services to improve teaching and learning in the classroom and increase achievement for all students. MCOE also serves as the connection between our schools and the state and federal governments. Every year new laws are passed, new programs are mandated, and old programs are phased out. MCOE monitors changes in legislation and offers its staff as a resource to inform and train district administrators so that they stay current with changing laws that affect education. Monterey County is a region of great demographic, economic, and cultural diversity. These forces create communities with unique needs. By looking at critical issues and sharing resources, the dedicated professionals of the Monterey County Office of Education work to address these needs.

Who We Are

The Monterey County Office of Education (MCOE) is a vital component of our K-12 education. We serve as a critical link between our county's schools and both state and federal governments, and we provide indispensable and cost-effective services to local schools and districts.

For questions and general information, please call 831.755.0301

Dr. Deneen Guss
Monterey County Superintendent of Schools

831.755.0301 Fax: 831.755.6473

Superintendent's Office Contacts:

Virginia (Ginny) Brown
Administrative Officer


Jessica Hull
Communications & Public Relations Officer


Carla Strobridge Stewart
Senior Executive Assistant


Teri James



Dr. Deneen Guss

County Superintendent
Phone: 831.755.0301

Carla Strobridge Stewart

Assistant to the County Superintendent
Phone: 831.784.4244

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