2017 Countywide Spelling Bee Results

Champion Paul Hamrick will head to the Scripps National Spelling Bee May 28 – June 4, 2017

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Dr. Deneen Guss, County Superintendent of Schools

2017 Countywide Spelling Bee Results 

2017 Countywide Spelling Bee Results 

Monday, Mar 6, 2017

2017 Spelling Bee Winners

2017 Spelling Bee Judges

2017 Spelling Bee contestants

2017 Spelling Bee contestants

2017 Spelling Bee finalists

2017 Spelling Bee champion with trophy and assistant superintendent

The 2017 Monterey Countywide Spelling Bee experience can be summed up with one word – e-n-d-u-r-a-n-c-e. After a record-breaking number of Monterey County students (57) competed during the longest Monterey Countywide Bee in its history, 7th grade student Paul Hamrick, correctly spelled "reparations" to become the new Monterey County spelling champ. Paul, from Lambert Hamrick Homeschool, outlasted 17 rounds and out-spelled 56 other students from schools throughout Monterey County to win the Bee on March 5th at the Western Stage Theatre at Hartnell College.

As champion, Paul will represent Monterey County at the Scripps National Spelling Bee in the Washington, D.C. area May 28 – June 4, 2017. Airfare, hotel and expenses for Paul and a parent are sponsored by community partners. Other prizes included the Merriam Webster Online Dictionary from Merriam Webster, a $50 gift card from Northridge Mall, and a champion trophy.

The order of finishers is as follows:

In the 17th round, Paul Hamrick was named champion after spelling his second consecutive word correctly, reparations. The 7thgrade homeschooler also spelled hypercritical, baration, maraud, penchant, commission, invasive, renown, Baedeker, taiga, zephyr, heifer, Bolshevik, pochismo, potash, pretzel and complaints.

Second place went to three-time school champion, Anthony Santa Ana, an 8th grader from Washington Middle School. Anthony correctly spelled syllabus, pylon, truism, multiverse, thistle, apparatchik, euphemism, raita, basmati, malihini, mattock, expertise and digestive.

Third place went to Heidi Hansch, an 8th grader at All Saints’ Episcopal Day School, who correctly spelled surrealist, adequacy, summitry, redact, beacon, halal, dossier, serdab, commissar, lieutenant, streusel, shogun, finale, and nonsense.

Fourth Place

James Beck, 7th grade, Monterey County Home Charter School

Fifth Place

Garrett Fernandez, 8th grade, Junipero Serra School

Tied for Sixth Place

Alison Eng, 8th grade, Pacific Grove Middle School

Osvaldo Garcia, 8th grade, Chualar Union Elementary School

Eighth Place

Kevin Martinez, 8th grade, Palma School

Ninth Place

Colin Hunt, 7th grade, Santa Catalina School

Tenth Place

Mia Sanchez, 7th grade, El Sausal Middle School

Tied for Eleventh Place

Leo Burks, 8th grade, York School

Anna Michelle Chassion, 7th grade, Buena Vista Middle School

Lawson Marshall, 8th grade, Lagunita School

Peyton Ross, 7th grade, San Benancio Middle School

Stephanie Sanchez, 6thgrade, Monte Bella Elementary School

Hugo Sinay, 6th grade, Oscar F. Loya School

Jaime Velasquez, 8th grade, San Lucas School

Grace Wang, 6th grade, Carmel Middle School

Tied for 20th Place

Rena Babb, 6th grade, San Antonio School

Nayeli Mendoza, 8th grade, Main Street Middle School

Barbara Ramirez, 6th grade, Boronda Meadows School

Jennifer Rios, 7th grade, Vista Verde Middle School

Tied for 24th Place

Serenity Alarcon, 6th grade, Laurel Wood School

Gustavo Blas, 6th Grade, Bardin School

Dagny Brej, 8th grade, San Carlos School

Uriel Cardenas, 6th grade, Frank Ledesma School

Maddlynn Cardoso, 6th grade, Monterey Park School

Dominic Chavez, 6th grade, Rose Ferrero School

Jaden Cox, 6th grade, Elkhorn Elementary School

Ryan Delosreyes, 6th grade, Walter Colton Middle School

Kristin Diaz, 6th grade, University Park school

Cadence Eskue, 6th grade, Loma Vista Elementary School

Felix Espinosa, 6th grade, Henry Kammann School

Maritza Garcia, 6th grade, Sherwood School

Aaliyah Gonzalez, 6th grade, San Vicente School

Rylee Guthrie, 6th grade, John Steinbeck School

Genesis Lopez, 7th grade, La Paz Middle School

Samuel Low, 6th grade, Mission Park School

Sophia Oliva, 7th grade, Fairview Middle School

Ethan Willis, 7th grade, North Mo. Co. Middle School

Tied for 42nd Place

Sergio Cabrera, 6th grade, Roosevelt School

Rigo Garcia, 6th grade, Dual Language Academy, Mo. Peninsula

Jose Guzman, 6th grade, Frank Paul School

Sean Lapitan, 6th grade, Natividad Elementary School

Ayanna Lee, 6th grade, Gabilan Elementary School

Angelina Martinez, 8th grade, Chalone Peaks Middle School

Jahaziel Mendoza, 6th grade Dr. Martin Luther King Academy

Jasmynne Oliva, 6th grade, Prunedale Elementary

Dayana Ramirez, 6th grade, Fremont School

Daphne Renteria, 6th grade, Jack Franscioni School

Edwin Rodriguez, 7th grade, Harden Middle School

Elizabeth Rojas, 6th grade, Virginia Rocca Barton School

Daijia Marie Sanchez, 6th grade, Lincoln School

Joshua Torres, 8th grade, Seaside Middle School

Tied for 56th Place

Guadalupe Alvarez, 6th grade, Echo Valley Elementary School

Julian Santiago, 6th grade, Creekside Elementary School