2018 Monterey Countywide Spelling Bee Results

Returning Champion wins second year in a row. 

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2018 Monterey Countywide Spelling Bee Results

2018 Monterey Countywide Spelling Bee Results

Monday, Mar 5, 2018

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Salinas, Calif. – The 2018 Monterey Countywide Spelling Bee, the 23rd Countywide Bee, was a record-breaker with no c-o-n-t-r-o-v-e-r-s-y. The winning word, controversy, was spelled by champion Paul Hamrick after a record-breaking number of Monterey County students (61) competed during the longest Monterey Countywide Bee in its history.

In the 23rd round, Paul Hamrick was named champion speller for the second year. The 8th grade homeschooler also correctly spelled inherent, obtuse, typify, punishment, radiation, declining, congress, adjectival, proverb, contenders, remedy, vorlage, cynosure, Anschluss, surveillance, Trepak, tertiary, synchronous, homogeneous, condolences, xylophone, and purse.

Second place went to two-time school champion Megan Sacyat, an 8th grader from Main Street Middle School in Soledad. Megan correctly spelled parsonage, indentation, estimate, scriptural, processed, introduce, secrete, trodden, morality, infancy, nenuphar, menhaden, prosciutto, sachem, Fahrenheit, kirtle, ubiquitous, eulogy, acronym, hazard and craggy.

Third place went to two-time school champion Samuel Low, a 7th grader from Washington Middle School, who correctly spelled scherzo, braggadocio, vaquero, mihrab, asthmogenic, garibaldi, wampum, regime, strategy, renovate and standoff.


Fourth Place

  • James Beck, 7th grade, Anthem Christian School 

Tied for Fifth Place

  • Katie Noble, 6th grade, Santa Catalina Lower School
  • Robina Shrestha, 8th grade, San Carlos School 

Seventh Place

  • Alyssa Bathke, 7th grade, Gavilan View Middle School 

Tied for Eighth Place

  • Katherine Amaro, 6th grade, Frank Ledesma School
  • Casey Cortez, 8th grade, Carmel Middle School
  • Denisse Emeterio, 8th grade, Harden Middle School 

Tied for Eleventh Place

  • Anna Chassion, 8th grade, Buena Vista Middle School
  • Michael Edwards, 7th grade, San Benancio Middle School
  • Jake Larson, 8th grade, Junipero Serra School
  • Joaquin Ramirez, 6th grade, Rose Ferraro Elementary School
  • Max Stefanioutine, 6th grade, Los Arboles Middle School
  • Gabino Valladares, 6th grade, Creekside Middle School 

Tied for Seventeenth Place

  • Colton Amaral, 8th grade, Palma School
  • Hannah Barrera, 6th grade, Jack Franscioni Elementary School
  • Brandon Beltran, 6th grade, Prunedale Elementary School
  • Nicole Dickman, 7th grade, Madonna del Sasso School
  • Lucia Garcia, 7th grade, Chalone Peaks Middle School
  • Aryan Nahal, 8th grade, Bolsa Knolls Middle School
  • Shane Rollin, 6th grade, Vista Verde Middle School 

Tied for 24th Place

  • Mary Alvarez, 6th grade, Loma Vista Elementary School
  • Marilyn Amaro, 7th grade, North Monterey County Middle School
  • Aria Asmuth, 7th grade, Dual Language Academy of the Monterey Peninsula
  • Audrey Cardoso, 6th grade, Jesse G. Sanchez Elementary School
  • Abraham Chavez, 6th grade, Natividad Elementary School
  • Ricardo Chavez Corona, 6th grade, Echo Valley Elementary School
  • Daniel Cheng, 8th grade, Pacific Grove Middle School
  • Dominic Criscitiello, 8th grade, York School
  • Valeria Garcia Lopez, 6th grade, Boronda Meadows School
  • Yaretzy Godinez-Ortiz, 6th grade, Laurel Wood School
  • Edson Gonzales, 6th grade, Alisal Community School
  • Loretta Ibarra, 8th grade, San Ardo School
  • Nico Lewis, 7th grade, Monterey County Home Charter School
  • Julian Mendoza, 6th grade, Mission Park Elementary School
  • Kimberly Navarro, 6th grade, Bardin Elementary School
  • Edgar Plancarte, 7th grade, El Sausal Middle School
  • Kiana Randolph, 6th grade, Lincoln Elementary School
  • Samantha Santos, 6th grade, Monte Bella Elementary School
  • Sierra Short, 8th grade, Lagunita School 

Tied for 43rd Place

  • Diego Calderon, 6th grade, Virginia Rocca Barton Elementary School
  • Stephen Chen, 6th grade, Henry Kammann Elementary School
  • Maria Flores, 6th grade, Frank Paul Elementary School
  • Alondra Gallegos, 6th grade, Sherwood Elementary School
  • Claire Gonzales, 6th grade, Monterey Park Elementary School
  • Dylan Gowdy, 6th grade, All Saints Day School
  • Jose Juarez, 6th grade, Roosevelt Elementary School
  • Kayla Marin, 8th grade, La Paz Middle School
  • Consuelo Merino, 6th grade, San Vicente Elementary School
  • Gracie Nelson, 8th grade, San Antonio School
  • Nancy Rodriguez, 6th grade, Gabilan Elementary School
  • Aundrea Romero, 6th grade, Dr. Martin Luther King Academy
  • Geovanni Velasquez-Reyes, 6th grade, John E. Steinbeck Elementary School 

Tied for 56th Place

  • Mauricio Garcia Davalos, 6th grade, Castroville Elementary School
  • Lexiss Herrera, 6th grade, Elkhorn Elementary School
  • Luis Ruiz, 6th grade, Seaside Middle School