Changing How We View and Promote School Progress

California's New School Accountability System and its California School Dashboard

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Dr. Deneen Guss, County Superintendent of Schools

Changing How We View and Promote School Progress

Changing How We View and Promote School Progress

Thursday, Dec 7, 2017

By Nancy Kotowski, Ph.D., Monterey County Superintendent of Schools

California’s new School Accountability System has been developing over the last three years. The California School Dashboard was just launched with new and updated information about the current performance and the progress over time of our students, schools and districts along with a new system of support for student population groups who are underperforming. The focus is on delving into why the students are not succeeding, identifying the root cause, and addressing the systemic, underlying reasons.

The Dashboard is a key component of the California Accountability System. It is a change in the approach to looking at the progress of our students. The intent of the new accountability system has shifted from negative labeling to coming together collectively to impact disparities among student groups. It is designed to go beyond one test score by providing multiple measures needed for schools and communities to focus on its highest need students as well as acknowledging success. All schools will be engaged in this process in their own districts to zero in on the needs and best practices for different student population groups.

While it is taking time to fully implement and refine, we now have a system of school accountability that acknowledges and recognizes successful progress and, importantly, shines a light on the student groups within a school and district that need the most support to be successful.

To view the most recent Dashboard data, visit the California Department of Education’s School Dashboard webpage.

The state’s new accountability system also includes a new role for county offices of education. County offices of education will serve as a resource, providing assistance and support for schools. Every one of our 24 school districts is unique, and the Monterey County Office of Education works alongside our districts to identify strengths and local needs, and together develop and implement improvement strategies.

In January, this Statewide System of School Support gets underway. Strategies for improving will be jointly developed with stakeholders, and resources will be identified through the Local Control and Accountability Plan process.

While Monterey County schools are making progress in many key areas, there is always more work to do. Meeting goals will take a united effort, and the Monterey County Office of Education looks forward to working with all Monterey County schools, districts, and communities to prepare every student for success.