Field Day takes place in Salinas

MCOE’s second annual Special Education Field Day was held May 1, bringing together students 

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Dr. Deneen Guss, County Superintendent of Schools

Field Day takes place in Salinas 

Field Day takes place in Salinas 

Friday, May 1, 2015

MCOE’s second annual Field Day was held May 1, bringing together students from MCOE Special Education programs around Monterey County for a day of spirited activity at Rabobank Stadium in Salinas.

Students playing games on Field Day

After a colorful parade of schools and opening ceremonies, students participated in a variety of events specifically designed for moderately to severely disabled students, including wheel chair races, running races, throwing, jumping and target games.

“Field Day is an important event for our students,” said Mariphil Romanow-Cole, Assistant Superintendent, Monterey County Office of Education.  “Each event is designed with success in mind. Adaptive Physical Education teachers work all year with our staff and students to practice balance and coordination, along with running and throwing skills, to help them achieve their personal goals.”

The theme for Field Day is, “If I had fun … I won!”  Judging from the smiles at Rabobank Stadium, there were a lot of winners.

A second MCOE Field Day will be held May 22 at the King City High School football stadium in King City.