Monterey County SAFE Students Take Flight

Future Aviation Enthusiasts Take Off on a New Adventure. 

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Dr. Deneen Guss, County Superintendent of Schools

Monterey County SAFE Students Take Flight

Monterey County SAFE Students Take Flight

Wednesday, Mar 23, 2016

SAFE Flight 1

The Monterey County Office of Education’s Sea Air Fire Earth Transportation Pathway (SAFE) program flew to new heights on March 12th at the Salinas Airport. The event was sponsored by Every Kid Can Fly (EKCF) and Experimental Aircraft Association (EEA). During the event our students were taken on a flight with Pilots from EKCF. This flight initiates them into the stage of their transportation pathway focused on aviation and ground control. After this flight they begin their EEA Young American Eagles instructional modules as an 8 week foundations course prior to their airport work study course.

Here are a few quotes from the SAFE Program students when asked what they are taking away from the experience.

“If you ask me what it felt like to fly, well, it felt like I was FLYING!” Vanessa

“It was amazing, I got to fly twice and the second time the pilot let me take off!” Lily

“I am so glad for the amazing opportunity and thankful these pilots took time to let me experience flying.” Juan Carlos

"It was so awesome, I could not believe I flew a plane; I am still excited to today!” Andrea

The students, staff and families are extremely thankful to Jim Shumaker, Sean Tucker and the Young Eagles pilots for sharing their passion for flying, their time and aircrafts with us. The energy and broad smiles from the students and their families was electric. The following Monday at school students spent the greater part of the day sharing their experiences with each other. They cannot wait to start ground school training and get back in the air.