2016 Spelling Bee Results

Seventh-Grade Student Wins With Correct Spelling of "Amethyst" 

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2016 Spelling Bee Results

2016 Spelling Bee Results

Monday, Mar 14, 2016

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Seventh Grade Student Wins Spelling Bee, Will Represent Monterey County in Washington D.C.

Salinas, Calif. – Amethyst is a semiprecious stone, but was very precious to one participant in the 2016 Monterey Countywide Spelling Bee. After 20 rounds, seventh-grader Syaal Sharifzad, correctly spelled "amethyst" to become the new Monterey County spelling champ. Syaal, from Walter Colton School in the Monterey Peninsula Unified School District, out-spelled 50 other students from schools throughout Monterey County to win the Countywide Spelling Bee on March 13th at the Western Stage Theatre at Hartnell College.

As champion, Sharifzad will represent Monterey County at the Scripps National Spelling Bee in the Washington, D.C. area May 22-27, 2016. Airfare, hotel and expenses for Syaal and a parent are sponsored by our community partners. Other prizes included the Merriam Webster Third New International Dictionary, a 2016 United States Mint Proof Set, and champion trophy.

The order of finishers is as follows:

First Place:
Syaal Sharifzad, Walter Colton School, 7th grade
Syaal correctly spelled the following words: polemic, manicure, finesse, stipple, eclectic, gourami, blitzkrieg, ameliorate, melange, cynosure, glockenspiel, capricious, mukhtar, spleen, cease, stamina, fillet, renitency, and pellicle.
Winning word: amethyst

Second Place:
Osvaldo Garcia, Chualar Elementary School, 7th grade
Osvaldo correctly spelled the following words: measly, panic, alcohol, patel, rhetoric, pogrom, bezoar, azimuth, jiva, gopak, karaoke, kirtle, hemerocallis, neon, and bias.

Third Place:
Anthony Santa Ana, Washington Middle School, 7th grade
Anthony correctly spelled the following words: personnel, gazelle, persimmon, simile, barrio, susceptible, terrapin, raconteur, pentathlon, fete, ocelot, vaquero, rasgado, and partial.

Fourth Place:
Giancarlos Velez, 6th grade, Monterey County Home Charter School

Fifth Place:
Lyric Drinkwine, 8th grade, San Antonio Middle School
Lupita Ocampo, 6th grade, Monte Bella Elementary School
Martin Sevcik, 7th grade, Carmel Middle School

Eighth Place:
Candace Wong, 8th grade, Santa Catalina School

Ninth Place:
Clea Caddell, 6th grade, All Saints’ Day School

Tenth Place:
Francheska Cabasag, 7th grade, La Paz Middle School
Logan Eleccion, 6th grade, John Steinbeck Elementary School
Natalie Gibbs, 7th grade, San Benancio Middle School
Jaymie Louie, 6th grade, Lagunita Elementary School
Luke Rossi, 6th grade, Monterey Park Elementary School
Megan Sacyat, 6th grade, Jack Franscioni Elementary School
Brynna Ventura, 6th grade, Laurel Wood Elementary School
Natalia Ochoa Zavala, 8th grade, Dual Language Academy of the Monterey Peninsula

Eighteenth Place:
Alex Ahuja, 6th grade, Stevenson School
Caroline Coen, 7th grade, Pacific Grove Middle School
Itzel Nolasco Gonzales, 6th grade, El Gabilan School
Jasmine Velasquez, 6th grade, Alisal Community School

Twenty-second Place:
Katherine Amador, 8th grade, Main Street Middle School
Fatima Cardenas, 7th grade, San Lucas School
Gino Grier, 7th grade, Palma Jr. High School
Ka Ja Joyce, 6th grade, Seaside Middle School
Annabelle Norman, 8th grade, York School
Edwin Rodriguez, 6th grade, Creekside Elementary School
Maria Zamudio, 6th grade, Natividad Elementary School

Twenty-ninth Place:
Francisco Aguilera, 6th grade, Los Padres School
Jared Garcia, 6th grade, Frank Paul Elementary School
Erika Lezama, 6th grade, Roosevelt Elementary School
Kevin Martinez, 7th grade, Buena Vista Elementary School
Joseph Ochoa, 6th grade, Monterey Park School
Amaris Santiago, 6th grade, University Park Elementary School
Lizzie Sonico, 6th grade, Prunedale Elementary School

Thirty-sixth Place:
Aaron Arvizu, 6th grade, Kammann Elementary School    
Garrett Fernandez, 7th grade, Junipero Serra School
Bella Gacayan Cantu, 6th grade, Lincoln Elementary School
Anahi Hernandez, 6th grade, Virginia Rocca Barton School
Diego Martinez, 6th grade, Fremont Elementary School
Ivan Mata, 6th grade, Sherwood Elementary School
Jennifer Rios, 6th grade, Vista Verde Middle School
Daisy Victorino, 7th grade, El Sausal Middle School

Forth-fourth Place:
Genesis Lopez, 6th grade, Dr. Oscar Loya Elementary School
Raquel Padilla, 6th grade, Dr. Martin Luther King Academy