Monterey County Educators Address Long-Term English Learners

Keynote Dr. Kate Kinsella to Lead Powerful English Learner Training for Monterey County. 

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Dr. Deneen Guss, County Superintendent of Schools

Monterey County Educators Address Long-Term English Learners

Monterey County Educators Address Long-Term English Learners

Tuesday, Apr 19, 2016

Contact: Jessica Hull / Communications and Public Relations Officer  831.784.4245 (o), 209.679.4858 (c)


Salinas, Calif. – Monterey County educators are tackling the problem of English Learners in Monterey County who have not successfully transitioned to become English proficient. The Educational Leaders of Monterey County (ELMC), the Monterey County Office of Education, and California State University Monterey Bay are sponsoring the effort to address the underlying issues of long-term English Learners in Monterey County, who make up 12.5 percent of the county’s 41 percent of English Learners.

On Thursday, April 21, 2016 from 3:30 p.m. to 6 Hartnell College’s Steinbeck Hall, participants will meet to study research and learn successful approaches to best engage and instruct long-term English Learner students, as well as support them throughout their educational path.

A long-term English Learner is a student who has been enrolled in American schools for more than six years, who is not progressing toward English proficiency, and who is continuing to struggle academically due to their limited English skills. It is most common they are enrolled in middle schools and high schools. Generally speaking, long-term English Learners struggle with reading, writing, and academic language, and consequently have fallen behind their English-speaking peers academically and have accumulated significant learning gaps over the course of their education.

Leading the afternoon is keynote speaker Dr. Kate Kinsella of San Francisco State University and the Center for Teacher Efficacy.

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