Schools and Aggrigator to feed 1,345 families - World Food Day 2021

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Dr. Deneen Guss, County Superintendent of Schools

Schools and Aggrigator Inc. to feed 1,345 families

Schools and Aggrigator Inc. to feed 1,345 families

Thursday, Oct 14, 2021

In observance of World Food Day

Salinas, Calif. – Monterey County Office of Education (MCOE) and the Migrant Education Program are proud to partner with Amor Organics and parent company Aggrigator Inc. from Watsonville to provide 1,345 boxes of fresh produce to migrant families.

The distribution of food boxes is taking place at seven locations this Friday, October 15, 2021 in observance of World Food Day.The boxes are filled with 14 items that include fresh fruits and vegetables, plus bagged salads and vegetables.

The main sponsor is Aggrigator Inc., in conjunction with the Watsonville Food Hub, Amor Organics, which are responsible for this food distribution. “We are an aggregator of small farmers on the West Coast and East Coast,” said Vice President of Supply, Karen Marie Feliz. “Our CEO, Doug Peterson, wanted to give back to our community in a big way, to help especially those affected by the pandemic.”

Aggrigator Inc. is dedicating this effort to the late CHISPA CEO, Alfred Diaz-Infante who was a champion for the under-served. The food distribution will focus on homeless and migrant students who struggle the most with food insecurity. District Family Liaisons are contacting families to inform them of the distribution sites and times. “Migrant Education students are included because migrant families can seldom afford the fruits and vegetables that they harvest,” said MCOE’s Assistant Superintendent of Student Services, Dr. Ernesto Vela.

"MCOE is thrilled to work with community partners and school districts to address child hunger and food insecurity,” said Monterey County Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Deneen Guss. “The distribution of food boxes with fresh fruits and vegetables will help families have a nutritious meal!"

All of the items included in the box were donated by local growers, shippers, and processors in the Salinas Valley. These include: Food Maxx, Lakeside, LJB Farms, Riverbend Fresh, LRC, Trejor Berry, Chuck Olsen Co., 68 Produce, Braga Fresh, Tanimura & Antle, Amor Acres, Amor Organics, and labor by Aggrigator Inc.

“World Food Day intends to raise awareness about people suffering from hunger, starvation, and food insecurities,” said Louie Diaz-Infante of Aggrigator Inc. “It is also meant to make others aware of healthy diets for healthier bodies and minds.”

For more information about the distribution sites, contact Dr. Ernesto Vela; contact information below.

Food Box with fruits and vegetables

Food Box insert; "In memory of Alfred Diaz-Infante 1961 to 2021"


Esmeralda M. Owen
Communications and Public Relations Officer

Dr. Ernesto Vela
Assistant Superintendent of Student Services