2021-22 Board Agendas

Monterey County Office of Education

Leadership, Support and Service to Prepare All Students for Success

Dr. Deneen Guss, County Superintendent of Schools

2021-22 Board Agendas & Minutes

Printable 2022 Schedule of Board Meetings

2021-22 Schedule of Board Meetings with Agendas and Minutes
Meeting DateMeeting TypeFull AgendaMinutes
July 14, 2021Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
July 21, 2021Board Policy Committee MeetingAgendaMinutes
August 11, 2021Regular MeetingFull AgendaMinutes 
August 27, 2021Special MeetingAgendaMinutes
September 15, 2021Board Policy Committee MeetingAgendaMinutes
September 15, 2021Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
October 13, 2021Facilities Committee MeetingAgendaMinutes
October 13, 2021Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
November 10, 2021Facilities Committee MeetingAgendaMinutes
November 10, 2021Regular MeetingAgenda Minutes
December 3, 2021Board Policy Committee MeetingAgendaMinutes
December 15, 2021Regular (Revised Agenda)Revised AgendaMinutes
January 12, 2022Board Policy Committee MeetingAgendaMinutes
January 12, 2022Regular (Revised Agenda)AgendaMinutes
February 9, 2022Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
February 9, 2022County Committee MeetingAgendaMinutes
March 10, 2022County Committee MeetingAgendaMinutes
March 14, 2022County Committee Meeting, 5 pmAgendaMinutes
March 14, 2022County Committee Meeting, 6:30 pmAgendaMinutes
March 16, 2022Regular MeetingAgendaMinutes
April 13, 2022Regular MeetingAgenda
May 11, 2022Board Policy Committee MeetingAgenda
May 11, 2022Regular MeetingAgenda
May 25, 2022Regular Meeting: Budget Study SessionAgenda


Dr. Deneen Guss

County Superintendent
Phone: 831.784.4244

Cindy Dunn

Assistant to the County Superintendent
Phone: 831.784.4244

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