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Expulsion Appeal

A booklet on the expulsion appeal process is available at the Monterey County Office of Education, 901 Blanco Circle, Salinas, CA. You may also contact MCOE’s Administrative Officer, Junel Ceralde, at 831.755.0300 ext. 196.

You may download the forms and handbooks listed below.

Pupil Expulsion Appeals Board Policy

Expulsion Appeals Handbook | Manual de Apelación de Expulsión

If your child is being expelled and you want to challenge the district’s decision, you may ask the Monterey County Board of Education to determine whether you and your child received a fair hearing from your local school board. You are not required to have a lawyer/advocate for the expulsion process but you may have someone help with your case, if you so desire. Some parents/guardians seek the help of a lawyer/advocate if they: do not understand the expulsion process; have limited English language skills; and/or have difficulty expressing themselves in front of a group. There are agencies that can help find a lawyer. There may be some fees for the services, but you should ask about whether they have free assistance.


Dr. Deneen Guss

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