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Counselors K-12

School counseling programs are collaborative efforts benefiting students, parents, teachers, administrators and the overall community. School counseling programs should be an integral part of students' daily educational environment, and school counselors should be partners in student achievement.

The development of The California Standards for the School Counseling Profession represents a concerted effort to articulate the common expectancies that define the practice of the school counseling profession in our state. The intent of the Standards document is to establish the core content of quality school counseling practice. We hope that implementation of these standards will enhance the quality of school counseling throughout California schools.

The California Standards will guide the work of California school counselors through a shared vision and will help ensure that all California students are well served by the counseling and guidance programs provided by professional school counselors.

Counselor Resources

The Monterey County Office of Education provides resources and professional learning opportunities for K-12 Counselors in Monterey County.

The Monterey County Counselor Leadership Network (MCCLN) is designed to provide opportunities for all counselors to share and collaborate on best practices that help create high-performing cultures that promote college, career, and civic life readiness, as well as social and emotional well-being. MCCLN particularly highlights successful practices in the implementation and monitoring of personalized student learning plans, which ensure successful completion of a rigorous course of study and a seamless transition to postsecondary education, as well as strategies for early intervention systems (including CAASPP, ELPAC, SAT, ACT, and other assessment data analysis) that are focused on meeting the diverse needs of students. The ASCA National Standards for academic development guide school counseling programs to implement strategies and activities to support and maximize each student’s ability to learn. National School Counseling Week will be celebrated to focus public attention on the unique contribution of school counselors within U.S. school systems. Network members will:

  1. Collaborate to determine professional learning needs and opportunities;

  2. Share challenges and potential solutions as we engage in action research;

  3. Have opportunities for networking, support, sharing of resources, and access to high quality professional development focused on identified topics of interest of participants.

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More information and counseling resources can also be found on the California Department of Education website