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Healthy & Safe Schools & Communities Coalition

The Monterey County Healthy & Safe Schools and Communities Coalition

In August of 2022, MCOE launched the Monterey County Safe and Healthy Schools and Communities Coalition (MCSHSCC). The coalition is a multi-agency collaborative that includes representatives from education, law enforcement, first responders, behavioral health, child welfare, probation, juvenile justice, and other youth-serving agencies and organizations throughout Monterey County. The coalition’s mission is to identify and address the health and safety needs of the county by developing and implementing best practices in emergency preparedness, youth mental health, crisis prevention and response, the use of common protocols, providing training opportunities, and multi-agency collaboration that is supported by a legally sound information-sharing framework.

Goals of the Coalition

The purpose of the coalition is to standardize policies, practices and protocols as much as possible, to promote synergies with community partners, and develop common language, tools and forms that Monterey County school districts and partner agencies will utilize in order to improve communication and respond to student mental health and safety needs.

Inaugural Monterey County Safe and Healthy Schools and Communities Coalition Leadership Breakfast

The Monterey County Safe and Healthy Schools and Communities Coalition (MCSHSCC) Leadership Breakfast was held in February 2024 at the CSUMB Salinas City Center. Monterey County leaders gathered for a morning of information sharing and next steps surrounding the health and safety of students and the community. The Child Abuse Prevention Council (CAPC) President Ginger Pierce and CAPC Board members also presented their annual awards.

Highlights from the event included the coalition’s achievements, 2024-2025 goals, and recognition of outstanding organization leaders making significant impacts on the health and safety of the Monterey County students. 

Three MCSHSSC leaders pose in photo
Dr. Reb Close on stage with powerpoint presentation
Four CAPC Leaders pose in photo
Monterey County Undersheriff Keith Boyd presenting and speaking at podium
Monterey County District Attorney speaking to audience at podium
 Brett McFadden at podium speaking and presenting powerpoint with the big five safety protocols
Dr. Deneen Guss greets color guard
Dr. Deneen Guss poses with NJROTC color guard
Three MCOE employees posing at the check in table
Dr. Deneen Guss posing with CAPC colleague
eight Human Trafficking Symposium Partners on staging posing with award
Dr. Ernesto Vela, Justin Parker, and Sandra Ocampo posing for a photo while sitting at their table
Dr. Deneen Guss poses with young child and his monther.
Dr. Deneen Guss on stage speaking to audience
Brett McFadden and Dr. Deneen Guss speaking at podium. Brett holding big five protocol poster for audience.
Soledad Unified school district color guard
Dr. Reb Close and Dr. Casey Grover presenting at podium with image on powerpoint

MCHSCC Leadership Breakfast Awardees

The Inaugural Monterey County Safe and Healthy Schools and Communities Coalition Leadership Award was presented to coalition partner Prescribe Safe, received by Dr. Reb Close and Dr. Casey Grover for the program’s outstanding work in providing action through multi-faceted approaches to save lives and for providing resources and support for those affected by addiction and the fentanyl crisis.

CAPC also presented its own Longevity, Commitment, and Service Award presented by CAPC Director Ginger Pierce, honoring Dr. Melissa Egge, Natividad Medical Center Child Advocacy Center, for her commitment to serving the needs of our county’s most vulnerable children and inspiring change in how we collaborate to support children and families. An additional Longevity, Commitment and Service Award was awarded to Monterey County Human Trafficking Symposium Partner Agencies, which include the Monterey County Board of Education, Monterey County Office of Education, Monterey County Dept. of Social Services, Community Human Services, and YWCA, who have demonstrated unwavering commitment to addressing the complex challenges posed by human trafficking.

Watch the MCSHSCC Leadership Award Video

2022-2023 Meeting Dates Agenda
November 2022
December 9, 2022
January 13, 2023
February 10, 2023
April 14, 2023
May 12, 2023


2023-2024 Meeting Dates Agenda
August 25, 2023
September 29, 2023
November 17, 2023
January 26, 2024
February 23, 2024
March 29, 2024  
April 26, 2024  
May 31, 2024