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MCOE's Transportation Department

The MCOE Transportation Department provides transportation to-and-from school for Special Education students living throughout Monterey County. The special needs students range in age from 2 to 22. Safe transportation of students may require the use of such equipment as wheelchairs, car seats and supportive vests.

If you need to contact MCOE's Transportation Department you can either text or call 831-755-6426. 

Transportation Service Plan

The Monterey County Office of Education's Transportation Service Plan is in accordance with Education Code (EC) Section 39800.1. As a condition of receiving apportionments for transportation services under EC Section 41850.1, a local educational agency shall develop a plan describing the transportation services for pupils in transitional kindergarten, kindergarten, and any of grades one (1) to six (6), inclusive, and pupils who are low income.



The MCOE Bus Driver In Service Handbook
The purpose of this handbook is to assist in following the rules and regulations pertaining to school bus operation as prescribed by the California State Department of Motor Vehicles Code, California Highway Patrol, and the Monterey County Office of Education.

The MCOE Parent Handbook for Transportation Services
The Monterey County Office of Education has prepared this information to acquaint parents with the rules and regulations governing your child's school transportation. Our goal is to provide the safest, most reliable transportation service possible for your child. Please read this information to familiarize yourself with these guidelines and procedures for transportation. Your cooperation is needed to ensure reliable, safe and efficient school bus service.

Description of Services

School Bus Driver Certified Training Course
School bus training is scheduled periodically throughout the year

Course Objectives

  • Information you will need to become a professional School Bus Driver
  • Ensure efficient and safe transportation in this state
  • An understanding of the basic components of the bus
  • Help you as a driver to make the proper decision when a component malfunctions
  • As a safe and professional driver you are prepared both mentally and physically to adjust your basic and advanced defensive driving skills.
  • Training on the necessary equipment for loading and unloading passengers, the laws that pertain to loading and unloading passengers, the drivers responsibilities during the loading and unloading procedures
  • Help drivers more aware of different situations encountered on field trips, understand and handle different circumstances that may be encountered, understanding of District Policies
  • Unit I - Introduction, Commercial Driver License Info
  • Unit II, III, IV - Rules & Regulations., Bus Use, Vehicle Components
  • Unit V,VI - Defensive Driving, Specialized Driving
  • Unit VII, VIII - Student Loading, Emergency Procedures
  • Unit IX, X, XI, and XII - Passenger Management, Special Needs, Public Relations, Activity Trips

First Aid Practices

  • First Aid Certification
  • Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Certification
  • Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Certification

Field Trips/Contracted Routes

  • Our Transportation Department has transit and special needs buses available for MCOE departments and Districts to contract with on an as needed basis.
  • The MCOE Transportation department will provide transportation based on the student’s school Calendar. Districts will pay their portion at the rate of $4.50 per mile for individual students riding an existing MCOE route.
  • Districts and Programs will pay an annual rate of $102,000 for full-designed route.
  • Districts will also pay the state approved Indirect Cost of 10.23% for the 2023-24 school year.

How we Charge?

Service Provided Hourly Rate Flat Rate
Original (20 hours) - $145/person
Renewal (10 hours) - $85/person
Classroom (2 hours) - $85
Behind the Wheel $100/hour -
Hourly In-Service Training $51/hour $40
CPR and AED Certification - $90
First Aid Training - $60
Field Trips $50/hour
+ $3.75/mile
Full Contracted Routes - $102,000/route