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Dr. Deneen Guss, County Superintendent of Schools


The Alternative Education Program partners with a variety of organizations to serve the needs of our students.

School District Partners

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In most cases, students come to MCOE Alternative Education sites because student have not been successful in a comprehensive middle school or high school setting. In some cases students are expelled from their home district and need a place to continue their studies. School districts represent key partners in the Alternative Education Program's efforts to identify student needs and develop instructional programs that meet those needs.

Monterey County Probation

Monterey County Probation Website
The Monterey County Probation Department serves all of the criminal courts of Monterey County, California. Probation Officers supervise approximately 5,500 adult and 900 juvenile offenders granted probation by the courts. The department's services to the community include recommending sanctions to the court, enforcing court orders, operating correctional institutions, incarcerating delinquents, assisting victims, and providing corrective assistance to individuals in conflict with the law. The department works together with law enforcement agencies, schools, community based organizations, and the citizens of Monterey County to form productive partnerships to ensure public safety, offender rehabilitation, and the protection of victims' rights. The Probation Department also operates and maintains the Juvenile Hall and other juvenile facilities and programs, including the Youth Center, the Silver Star Youth Program, and the Silver Star Resource Center.

Monterey County Juvenile Courts

Monterey County Juvenile Courts Website
The Monterey County Office of Education works collaboratively with students through the court process to support students and minimize interruptions to their education.

Monterey County Behavioral Health

Monterey County Behavioral Health Website
A fundamentally important aspect of our ability to support students is to offer appropriate therapeutic supports for students. The Monterey County Behavioral Health Department provides a range of services both at school sites, at their centers, and at home to students who need counseling and support.

Community Alliance for Safety and Peace CASP)

Community Alliance for Safety and Peace Website
The Monterey County Office of Education is a proud member of the CASP Alliance, a coalition of organizations and leaders from Salinas and Monterey County determined to reduce violence and build a better future for our children. CASP’s strategy for doing this has been developed in partnership with the community, uniting in a campaign called For Our Future / Para Nuestro Futuro.

The strategy is based on four key principles:

  • A single operational structure manages action and progress.
  • Action is research and data-driven.
  • The youth are at the center.
  • There is deep and meaningful engagement with the community.

CASP is made up of youth service organizations, county housing and health officials, local and state elected officials, criminal justice and law enforcement officials, educational leaders, business leaders, representatives of the faith community, and private funding organizations. More than 30 organizations and leaders are involved.


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