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Dr. Deneen Guss, County Superintendent of Schools

Students who have a disability which substantially limits life activities (for example, breathing, learning, hearing, walking, seeing), including AD/HD and other health impairments, but who do not meet the rigid qualification for Special Education, may have modifications made in their education program, known as "504" procedures. Referrals for 504 accommodations are written into a plan. Typical accommodations include use of a tape recorder, extended time on tests, special seating arrangements in class, administration of medication and counseling.

It is the responsibility of the general education classroom teacher to make classroom accommodations and monitor 504 plan effectiveness. 504 plans are to be reviewed annually with the parent, student and staff.

Should a student with a 504 become a student at risk of school failure (poor grades, lack of attendance, behavior or other concerns) in an Alternative Education program the principal must be notified immediately. A 504 meeting may be held to discuss program accommodations to meet student needs.

Alternative Education is committed to providing accommodations and modifications identified in Section 504 Plans.

For further information regarding Section 504 Accommodation Plans, please contact

Debra Brau
Program Coordinator II (SPED/Pupil Services)

831.755.0300 x031


Chris Devers

Senior Director
Phone: 831.755.6457

Maricela Cruz

Administrative Assistant III
Phone: 831.784.4224

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