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Dr. Deneen Guss, County Superintendent of Schools

Case Management

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In the 2014-15 academic year, the Case Management Team was developed to improve student outcomes.

The need for additional student services was identified through the LCAP process involving parents, students, teachers, administrators, probation, and community collaboratives.

With consent, the Case Management team may facilitate communication with school partners, private and/or public agencies. Case Managers will obtain authorization to release confidential information as needed to review reports and exchange information with; Children’s Behavioral Health, Physicians, Psychiatric Doctors, Social Services, and others agencies as required to improve student educational outcomes.

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The Case Management Team will meets weekly at MCOE to review referrals and designate a Case Manager to provide specialized services at the Transitional and Peak levels.

Access to Peak level Case Management Services is dependent on informal and formal assessment information. Peak level services are regularly monitored, intensive in nature and highly specialized.

The Case Management Team consists of; Resource Specialists, Court Liaison, Post Secondary Coordinator, Transitions Coordinator, Foster Youth Liaison, Homeless Youth Liaison, and School Administration.


Chris Devers

Senior Director
Phone: 831.755.6457

Maricela Cruz

Administrative Assistant III
Phone: 831.784.4224

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