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Monterey County Office of Education

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Dr. Deneen Guss, County Superintendent of Schools

AltEd Special Education

Special Education staff specialize in providing special education services to students enrolled in Alternative Education programs.

Alternative Education staff consult with students, parents, teachers, staff and outside agencies to ensure that students with disabilities are provided with the services, accommodations and/or modifications identified in the Individual Education Plan (IEP).

Special Education Support & Services

Court Schools                                                            Community Schools

Martin Nguyen - Resource Specialist                              Sheila Keifetz- Resource Specialist

manguyen@montereycoe.org                                        skeifetz@montereycoe.org

831-796-6113                                                             831-753-6572 M-W-F                                                                                                              831-444-3500 T-TH                 

Kelly Harbor - SDC Teacher


Gabriela Quintero- Liaison/Translator                           Debra Brau- Pupil Services Coordinator II

gaquinte@montereycoe.org                                         dbrau@montereycoe.org

831-759-6701 (se habla español)                                831-755-0300 x031         

Special Education Records Requests

Phone: (831) 755-0300 x031

Fax: (831) 758-9410 Att: Debra Brau

email: dbrau@montereycoe.org




Chris Devers

Senior Director
Phone: 831.755.6457

Maricela Cruz

Administrative Assistant III
Phone: 831.784.4224

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