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2020-21 SCHOOL YEAR!


Dear MCHCS Families,

All MCOE schools, including MCHCS, will remain closed through the remainder of the 2019-20 school year as a precautionary measure in response to health concerns related to the current coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic

During this time, MCHCS students should continue with their studies/assignments using the SSGs, textbooks, and other materials and learning resources to which they currently have access. From now through the end of May, teachers will be communicating with students/families on a weekly basis to support this process. (Please remember that our spring break is scheduled from Monday, April 6 - Monday, April 13; thus, teachers will not be communicating with students/families during this time.)

Students: Please let your teacher know immediately if you are unable to complete your assignments. Also, please be sure to discuss with your teacher the method that you will use to submit assignments (e.g., via email, etc.). Finally, if you are in a site-based class that uses Schoology, please log into Schoology daily to learn if your teacher has uploaded assignments, videos, or other updates; please let your teacher know immediately if you are not able to login to Schoology.

Please use the weekly check-ins with your teacher as an opportunity to ask any questions that you may have about the school closure decision. However, please keep in mind that these times are unprecedented for us all, and kindly understand that there are many questions (e.g., about traditional spring-time events, end-of-the-year processes, etc.) to which we do not yet have answers, but please trust that we will work together to provide answers as quickly as possible.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.


Justin McCollum

Estimadas familias de MCHCS

Todas las escuelas de MCOE, incluyendo MCHCS, permanecerán cerradas durante el resto del año escolar 2019-20 como medida de precaución en respuesta a los problemas de salud relacionados con la actual pandemia de coronavirus (COVID-19).

Durante este tiempo, los estudiantes de MCHCS deben continuar con sus estudios / tareas utilizando los SSG, los libros de texto y otros materiales y recursos de aprendizaje a los que actualmente tienen acceso. Desde ahora hasta finales de mayo, las maestras se comunicarán semanalmente con los estudiantes / familias para apoyar este proceso. (Recuerde que nuestras vacaciones de primavera están programadas del lunes 6 de abril al lunes 13 de abril; por lo tanto, las maestras no se comunicarán con los estudiantes / familias durante este tiempo).

Estudiantes: Informen a su maestro de inmediato si no puede completar sus tareas. Además, asegúrense de discutir con su maestra el método que utilizará para enviar las tareas (por ejemplo, por correo electrónico, etc.). Por último, si está en una clase basada en el sitio que usa Schoology, inicie sesión en Schoology diariamente para saber si su maestra ha subido tareas, videos o otras actualizaciones; informe a su maestra de inmediato si no puede iniciar sesión en Schoology.

Utilice los registros semanales con su maestra como una oportunidad para hacer cualquier pregunta que pueda tener sobre la decisión de cierre de la escuela. Sin embargo, tenga en cuenta que estos tiempos no tienen precedentes para todos nosotros y entienda que hay muchas preguntas (por ejemplo, sobre eventos tradicionales de primavera, procesos de fin de año, etc.) a las que aún no tenemos respuestas, pero confíe en que trabajaremos juntos para proporcionar respuestas lo más rápido posible.

Gracias por su cooperación y comprensión.


Justin McCollum

Official Communication About This Decision

For updated information regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic, please visit the MCOE Coronavirus webpage.

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Mission Statement

All students have the ability to be self-confident, lifelong learners that recognize the intrinsic, individual, and communal value of academic achievement and educational success. Through active participation and engagement, Monterey County Home Charter School students will progressively enhance their academic and social skills as they become effective communicators, skillful critical thinkers, expert problem solvers, responsible users of technology, and exemplary citizens.

Vision Statement

Monterey County Home Charter School provides a safe, positive, and dynamic non-classroom based learning environment that challenges students in a nurturing and supportive fashion. MCHCS provides each student with individualized, state-standard-aligned resources best suited to match their specific needs, skills, and interests. This approach encourages students to reach their highest academic potential and provides them with the skills necessary for transition to post-secondary education and training, college, and to the establishment of a successful career.

Dear Community Member,

Monterey County Home Charter School would like to welcome you to our home school and independent study programs. Whether you are a continuing student or a new family, we promise to support you in your endeavor to educate your student in an alternative educational setting.

Our reputation and success are direct results of our students' collective commitment and our parents' involvement. Monterey County Home Charter School’s programs afford students with an individualized program that focuses on the California state standards. Congratulations on exploring this wonderful educational experience for yourself and for your child!

Our school is dedicated to the academic achievement of each student. Monterey County Home Charter School takes pride in its highly qualified, very experienced, and ultra-committed faculty and staff. Monterey County Home Charter School recognizes that the focus of our work is student achievement. Our teachers are here to offer their support and expertise, and the office staff is committed to meeting your each and every need.

Education can be inspiring, yet challenging. Monterey County Home Charter School wants your school experience to be the springboard to lifelong learning.

If there is anything we can do to help you or your student, please do not hesitate to contact us.


The Monterey County Home Charter School Staff



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School Secretary
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Student Information Lead
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