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Dr. Deneen Guss, County Superintendent of Schools

Who We Are

Welcome! We are the Monterey County Inclusive Early Education & Expansion Program (IEEEP). Our goal is to foster a high-quality inclusive environment for students and their families across our Consortium districts and sites. Our Consortium serves the Monterey County Office of Education Early Learning Program, Hartnell College Child Development Center, Gonzales Unified School District, Greenfield Union School District, and Salinas City Elementary School District. We will provide resources for parents, teachers, districts, and staff to better support the diverse social, emotional, academic, and communicative needs of our young learners.

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What We Do

Our mission as the Monterey County Inclusive Early Education & Expansion Program (IEEEP) is to provide materials, resources, and knowledge of best inclusive practices across Monterey County. We will be using the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) as the driver of our work. We collaborate with local educational agencies and community partners to bring awareness and resources to our early childcare families. Our intent is to provide services in the areas of facilities modifications and updates, adaptive equipment and materials, professional development, and family engagement.

Who We Serve

The Inclusive Early Education & Expansions program provides support across Monterey County. Our goal is to provide key resources, information, and access to all of our Consortium members and the communities they serve. We will be providing meaningful professional development and training opportunities for teachers, supplies and equipment for our children, updated facilities for our children, and additional resources for our families.

Professional Development Opportunities

Welcome to the Inclusive Early Education & Expansion Program Professional Development Opportunities. This is our hub of modules, reflections, and quizzes to fulfill the Inclusion Professional Development requirements. For each academic year, you will be provided with six modules containing a quiz and reflection, and must complete all modules to be eligible for the Professional Development stipend.

You must be a registered participant in the Inclusive Professional Development opportunity to be granted access to the modules. Only early childcare staff of our participating Consortium districts are eligible to apply. You can apply to register utilizing the following form: IEEEP Professional Development Application.

Professional Development Modules


Our plan as an Inclusive Early Education & Expansion Program Consortium is to repair and renovate current preschool facilities across our Consortium sites. The modifications we make will assist children with disabilities in increasing access to inclusive Early Learning and Childcare programs. We aim to ensure all of our preschool age facilities are inclusive of design features and of California building codes in order to increase inclusive classroom and outdoor play opportunities.

Adaptive Equipment

Our Inclusive Early Education & Expansion Program will purchase adaptive equipment to increase accessibility for children with disabilities. Staff will be trained on curriculum modifications resulting from the application and implementation of adaptive equipment. We plan to provide mobility aids, hearing aids, cognitive aids, computer software and hardware, tools, closed captioning, physical modifications, mobility devices, adaptive switches and utensils, and devices to support tasks such as cooking, dressing and grooming. Ultimately, we want to provide preschool children across Monterey county the appropriate tools and equipment they need to integrate into the preschool environment with ease.

Family Engagement

Family Engagement is a huge component of our Inclusive Early Education & Expansion Program. Our goal is to provide families the information and resources necessary to make informed decisions and support their children both in preschool and beyond. We will provide our partners with opportunities for parent trainings, workshops, and resources that empower our families. We will partner with local community agencies to expand our network of available resources and maximize the resources available to our families.


Michelle Rios

Inclusion Grant Coordinator
Phone: 831.755.0300 x321

Andrea Duran

Administrative Assistant
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