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What are Universal Tools?

Universal tools are digital devices that students can use to help them answer questions and navigate the test. Their availability depends on the level and subject of the test being administered.

The Different Universal Tools are explained below.

Students can right click on multiple choice items and cross them out to facilitate the process of elimination.
Strikethrough Sample Video

Students can use a calculator to help them answer questions. The calculator shown below is the fully featured version. For some tests, the calculator may appear in more simplified forms.
Calculator Sample Video

Students can highlight blocks of text in essays, stories, and questions.
Highlighter sample video

Mark for Review
Students can mark questions to come back to later. At the end of the test, they are prompted to go back to those questions before submitting.
Mark for Review Sample Video

Digital Notepad
Students can take notes on questions as they progress through the test.
Digital Notepad Sample Video


Centinela High School District training videos of the embedded universal tools, designated supports and accommodations.


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