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Dr. Nancy Kotowski, County Superintendent of Schools

How do you determine my participation in Induction?

The state of California has very strict guidelines for determining eligibility, which we follow closely. Basically, Induction is for teachers in their first or second year of teaching in California with a California credential.

I already have my Clear Teaching Credential or…
I am a Special Ed teacher, not clearing a preliminary general ed credential. What am I doing here?

Originally, Induction was created to offer support and assistance to the beginning teacher as a solution to the high rate of attrition. In addition to this, a few years ago, the state declared Induction to be a Commission-approved program, granting us the authority to clear credentials.

How much of my time is required to complete Induction?

This answer is somewhat dependent upon the participant, but on average, you can expect to meet with your Induction Coach 1 time per week for 60 minutes. Additionally, you will spend time planning and reflecting on the techniques or strategies covered in the FACT curriculum. We'd like you to know that much effort has been spent incorporating your district's and site's professional development goals into your Induction program in order to increase efficiency and relevance. You will have a much better idea of time requirements after you've met with your induction coach.

What if my preliminary teaching credential expires before I'm scheduled to complete the Induction program?

The time to act is NOW, before the actual expiration date. Make an appointment with your district's Human Resources department as soon as possible. The Personnel Specialist will be able to advise and direct you. A couple of possible options are:

  • You may be able to appeal the state for a one year extension through the County Office of Education.

  • Apply for an emergency credential.

You may also qualify for the Early Completion Option (ECO). However, stringent restrictions apply.

What is the Early Completion Option?

The Early Completion Option (ECO) is a one year version of the 2 year Induction program. This is for the teacher whose circumstances have qualified him/her for Induction services, but who may have past experience and/or know-how that would allow for a condensed program The ECO application is open to all program participants who feel they meet the higher criteria of 'prior experience', 'exceptional practice' and 'high-performance'; all terminology found on the application. Please contact your Program Advisor or the Teacher Induction office to request an application or further information.

What do I do if I am unable to attend a professional development meeting?

Contact your Program Advisor to reschedule another meeting or provide you with a make-up assignment. Be pro-active. Ultimately, obtaining Induction completion status is your responsibility.

How will I get my Clear Credential?

As long as you've done your part by completing all of the Induction requirements, then the rest is up to us. Towards the end of your Induction participation, our office will confirm some necessary contact information and upon your certified completion, will recommend you for a clear credential by issuing you an Induction-41 letter. You will make an appointment with an MCOE Credential Analyst to complete the process of clearing your credential.


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Educational Administrator, Induction
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Secretary II
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