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Dr. Deneen Guss, County Superintendent of Schools

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Our mission in Educational Technology is to develop, innovate, and enhance the long-term use of technology in the school community and classroom. To that end, we want to work with your sites and districts to create a professional development plan that follows the same principals found in a successful teaching environment: setting goals, planning a sequence of instruction, acquiring resources, implementing, assessment, and adjustment.

Effective Educational Technology Integration Involves:

  • Setting Long-Term Goals for Technology Integration Based on Student, Teacher, and Schoolwide Outcomes

  • Programming the sequence of needs-assessment, collaborative planning, and recurring professional development

  • Bringing together administration, technology staff, and teachers to acquire the necessary technology resources

  • Differentiated and repeating professional development with administrators, teachers, and clerical staff following the model of gradual release of responsibility

  • Reflection, Assessment, and Adjustment


Denise Green

Educational Administrator
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