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Group Photo of Payroll team
Left to right: Veronica Tapia, Bei Kong, Suzette Burns, Icela Maravillo, Linda Acosta, and Angel Cante

The Payroll Services Department is responsible for processing payroll for the Monterey County Office of Education as well as 24 school districts, two community colleges, three charter schools and four joint powers agencies. For MCOE, the Department is responsible for paying the 1,000 plus employees that work for the various MCOE programs operated throughout County. The payroll staff collects and processes records such as timesheets, payroll deductions, and absences.

The Payroll Services team processes 13,000 paychecks each month for the public school entities. In addition, the Department prepares financial reports and deposits for federal and state tax withholding, retirement reporting to CalSTRS and CalPERS, and other employer-paid and voluntary deductions. Each January Payroll Services issues more than 15,000 W-2s for school district employees countywide.

Payroll Services

District Payroll Services

  • Retirement reporting (CalPERS and CalSTRS)
  • Administers garnishments
  • Prepares federal and State payroll tax returns
  • Deposits payroll taxes
  • Fringe benefit payments to vendors
  • Employee voluntary payroll deductions
  • Prepares IRS W-2 forms annually
  • Certificated and classified payroll reporting assistance
  • Processes payroll for four small school districts
  • Provides Countywide payroll workshops to districts
  • Distributes payroll warrants and reports
  • Resource for payroll personnel
  • Staff training
  • Calendar year-end payroll workshop
  • Fiscal year-end payroll workshop
  • Coordinates local CASBO workshops

MCOE Internal Payroll Services

  • Employee voluntary payroll deductions
  • Payroll direct deposits
  • Employment verifications from outside agencies
  • Reporting of third party sick pay and Workers’ Compensation
  • Retirement reporting (CalPERS and CalSTRS)
  • Maintains and processes employee absence system
  • Monthly payroll reports
  • Payroll resource to individuals employed by the Monterey County Office of Education
  • Payroll data input

Professional Development

  • Calendar year-end payroll workshops
  • Fiscal year-end payroll workshop
  • Coordinates local CASBO workshops

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Group Photo of Payroll team
Left to right: Angel Cante, Linda Acosta, Suzette Burns, Veronica Tapia, Icela Maravillo, and Bei Kong


Suzette Burns

Director, Payroll & Purchasing,
Payroll Services
Phone: 831.755.0305

Veronica Tapia

Administrative Assistant II
Phone: 831.755.0839

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