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The General Services and Business Support Division’s mission is to support The Monterey County Office of Education's focus of exemplary leadership, support and service for all associated academic programs.  This mission is accomplished through the exceptional delivery of facilities services in a timely and cost effective manner along with great customer service.

General Services staff strives to maintain efficient, safe, clean, attractive, and inviting environment(s) for all stakeholders associated with Monterey County Office of Education. General Services also provides the necessary services to facilitate usage by the external community.


To create and maintain a physical environment that supports the needs of the instructional program, staff, students, and stakeholders of the Monterey County Office of Education.

What We Do

Maintenance and Operations: Coordinate the planning, monitoring and implementation of a variety of maintenance and custodial services for The Monterey County Office of Education support program sites.

Items include: heating and air conditioning, electrical, plumbing, painting, emergency power systems, custodial         services, security and fire systems, access control and keying, recycling programs and preventative maintenance.

Our Maintenance Specialists interact with outside service providers such as landscapers, elevator maintenance services, security/patrol services, water treatment services, laundries, air quality services, locksmiths, movers, utilities and recycling services.

Our Management Team interacts regularly with state/local/federal agencies such as the local fire authority, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, Department of Environmental Health, County Planning, Office of Public School Construction, Division of State Architect, State Allocations Board, and the Department of Toxic Substance Control.

Web Based Work Order System

Access the online Work Order System. For any questions please contact Darren Fort.

Facility and Construction Services

Facility Services: Provides direct support in maintaining MCOE school sites and administrative offices, and oversees new construction and modernization projects for MCOE programs and small school districts within the county.

Program - Design - Bid - Build - Occupy - Maintain

Deferred Maintenance Program: Program, budget and implement a county-wide deferred maintenance program that follows the current LCFF/LCAP funding model.

AHERA Reporting: Maintains current environmental reporting for all buildings within the MCOE programs.

Integrated Pest Management Plan


Joshua R. Jorn

Chief Officer of General Services
and Business Support

Phone: 831.784.4236

Darren Fort

Director of Maintenance, Operations, and Transportation
Phone: 831.755.6423

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