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Dr. Deneen Guss, County Superintendent of Schools

Veggie Box Delivery at MCOE
Will Resume Soon

Spade & Plow

J&P Organics - Fruit, Vegetables & Flowers

Are you interested in participating in a Purpose Workshop or learning more about the Blue Zones initiative? If so, contact Suzy Covarrubias at 831.755.0314.

MCOE is a "Blue Zones Certified Approved Worksite"

What's Your Real Age?

The RealAge Test assesses your eating, exercise, and sleep habits, along with family health history, behaviors, and existing conditions. It takes about 15 minutes, it’s free, and individual results are private (and HIPAA compliant). Take years off your RealAge with personalized plans to increase your energy, sleep better, and create a happier, healthier life!

Personal Pledge

Take the Personal Pledge. Take a four-step pledge to help you learn the wisdom of the people who live the longest!


Leigh Butler

Chief Human Resources Officer
Phone: 831.784.4195

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