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Program Monitoring and Evaluation

Program integrity and compliance is a major priority for the Regional Office. The regional office must monitor and evaluate the effective and appropriate implementation of the migrant program through District Service Agreement approval, on-site program visits, and fiscal monitoring.

California Migrant Education Program Fiscal Guidelines

At present, there are 13 school districts with Identified migrant students in Monterey County. The 13 districts fall into two categories; 1. Sub Grant districts or districts that apply for the migrant funds generated by the migrant students within their district boundaries, and 2. Direct services districts or districts served directly by the regional office. For a list of Sub grant Districts and Direct Funded Districts click here.

District Service Agreement (DSA) and Regional Application (RA)

The District Service Agreement and the Regional Application are grant applications that participating districts and the regional office must complete to acquire migrant funds. These documents describe the needs of migrant students, the existing support to migrant students via the regular program or other categorical programs, the supplemental services proposed, and the budgets aligned to the services. The DSA and RA are based on the district or region’s annual allocation and are written for one program year. Program revisions and budget amendments are allowed and encouraged throughout the program year.

Federal Program Monitoring

Federal Program Monitoring (FPM) is a program accountability process set forth by the California Department of Education. The FPM process is made up of on-site and on-line reviews. The FPM process evaluates and gathers evidence related to the program assurances as described in education code and other fiscal program guidelines. Learn more about FPM by visiting the CDE website.

Migrant Federal Program Monitoring OPSET Tool


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