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Dr. Deneen Guss, County Superintendent of Schools

The Monterey County Office of Education Migrant Education Program Region 16 ensures that all migrant staff acquires the adequate and effective skills and strategies to support migrant students achieve academic proficiency and social, emotional, and physical health. Technical assistance and professional development opportunities are offered to all levels of educators:

  • Administrators
    Through the Coordinating Advisory Council and additional professional learning sessions, the administrators in charge of the Migrant Education Program at the district level receive important information, are able to share and receive best practices for meeting the needs of migrant students, and receive guidance and support to effectively lead the program. District Migrant Education Program Administrators ensure that migrant funds are used appropriately and that program services are aligned to migrant student needs and program objectives.

  • Certificated Staff
    Certificated teachers are instrumental in the delivery of direct supplemental interventions. Full time and extended day teachers who work with migrant students participate in district sponsored professional development sessions to ensure alignment and coherence with district academic initiatives. The region enhances this support through on going staff development sessions that showcase direct instruction strategies geared to the migrant student. Equally, the region collaborates with the Education Services Department at MCOE to promote the participation of Migrant certificated staff within the sessions that MCOE Ed Services provide.

    The regional office is constantly searching for highly qualified certificated staff to work in extended day, intersession, and summer intervention programs. Visit the Human Resources Section of the Website or EdJoin for employment opportunities.

    Please see copy of our Student Guidance Meeting Calendar

    Please see copy of our Migrant Resource Teacher Support Meeting Calendar

  • Support Staff
    Classified Support Staff provide essential services to Migrant Education students. The Student Guidance Team is made up of district and regional counselors and classified support staff entrusted with developing programs and providing feedback and recommendations to services geared towards career and college readiness. The Student Guidance Team Meets regularly to ensure effective communication for student participation and to plan upcoming events.

    The Identification, Recruitment, and Advocacy Team is made up of district and regional classified staff responsible for the identification and recruitment of migrant students, for the identification of health and social/emotional needs of students, and for the appropriate referral or guidance. The I&R/Health Team meets monthly to gain information, strategies, and knowledge on best practices to perform their highly important jobs effectively.

    Please see copy of our I&R/ Health Meeting Calendar


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Senior Director
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Administrative Assistant
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