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SELPA Services and Directory

Special Education Local Plan Areas (SELPAs) were created by state legislation to assist in ensuring that a free appropriate public education is provided to all students who are eligible for and require special education and related services. All of the school districts within Monterey County and the Monterey County Office of Education are members of the Monterey County SELPA. Below are descriptions of some of the activities that are available through the Monterey County SELPA.

Consultation and Support

SELPA Program Specialists offer consultation and support by request. These services may include classroom observations, in-class coaching, demonstration lessons, meetings with staff, and attendance at IEP meetings. See the information about program specialist assignments on the next page.


The SELPA sponsors free workshops to educators serving students in Monterey County and to parents of students with disabilities. A catalog of workshops is available for viewing and download at the website shown on the left. Monthly fliers are also distributed by email to special educators and administrators throughout the school year. Please register for each SELPA workshop using the OMS system by going to our website and then clicking on Professional Development.

Resolving Disputes

At school district or parent request, SELPA can provide staff to assist in resolving disputes that develop between a district and parents.

Program Review and Compliance Monitoring

SELPA staff is available to assist school districts in conducting program reviews to monitor compliance and program effectiveness as well as to provide feedback and technical assistance to address improvement goals.

SELPA Library

The SELPA maintains a library of curriculum and instructional materials, assessment tools, and training videos. These materials are available to special educators for review and short-term checkout.

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901 Blanco Circle
West Campus Rooms 17 and 18
Salinas, CA 93901

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Fax Number

SELPA Executive Director
Kenyon Hopkins, M.S.

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Irenea Herrera

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Gina Rosas

How to Obtain Program Specialist Assistance

For assistance contacting the appropriate Program Specialist, please contact 831.755.0342.

School Staff

  1. Program specialists may be contacted directly via telephone or email for brief single contact consultations; staff should contact the program specialist by areas of expertise (see chart below).

  2. More general questions may be directed to any program specialist.

  3. When more extensive assistance is required, a program specialist may be assigned by the SELPA.


Parents may contact the appropriate program specialist directly using any of the contact information below.

Patti Bangs, M.S., CCC-SLP
Infant and Preschool; Communication Disabilities; Autism
Contact Information
Phone: 831.755.0339

Val Wiltse, M.A.
Moderate/Severe Disabilities; Low Incidence; Autism; Post-Secondary Transition
Contact Information
Phone: 831.755.0336

Michele Knight
Mild/Moderate Disabilities; Inclusion and Co-teaching; Behavioral Strategies & Supports
Contact Information
Phone: 831.755.0337


Kenyon Hopkins, M.S.

SELPA Executive Director
Phone: 831.755.0342

Irenea Herrera

SELPA Administrative Assistant
Phone: 831.755.0342