Interim Placement in MCOE Regional Program

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Interim Placement in MCOE Regional Program

When a student moves into a district in Monterey County and requires a placement in a Regional Program, the District shall:

Notify the Director of Special Education within 2 school days

Forward all available records and documentation, including IEP and parent contact information, to MCOE Special Education

Complete the records request from the previous school district, and forward all records to MCOE Special Education

Complete and submit the RE6 referral form , indicating “Interim Placement” , and signed by the District Special Education administrator to indicate the rationale for need for a Regional Program

If the student required mental health services, the District will notify MCBH. 


MCOE Special Education shall:

Determine which program is most appropriate and notify that program principal of the interim placement.

The MCOE principal will contact the parents immediately.

The MCOE principal will complete the IEP 11 Interim Placement form, complete enrollment forms with the parents, and arrange for the student to be placed in a class no later than 5 school days from the date of referral from the District.

The MCOE principal will notify the District of the placement.


Within 30 calendar days, the MCOE principal and team will determine:

If additional assessments are needed;

If a new IEP will be developed and implemented;

Or, if the previous IEP will be adopted and put into SIRAS


Within 30 calendar days, the MCOE case manager, in collaboration with the District contact person, will schedule and conduct an IEP meeting to determine if interim placement is appropriate.

The District will attend the IEP meeting, and continue to provide any needed transportation.



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