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Referral to MCOE Regional Program


When referring a student to an MCOE special education program, please complete the SELPA RE6 Referral to Regional Program form. The referral process is outlined in the SELPA Procedural Handbook.

Please consider the following tips when filling out the RE6 form.  Completely fill out the Student Information section and the Program Need information with as much detail as possible.

Attached Documents:

Attach a copy of the most current IEP and be sure that the IEP clearly indicates that the parents have notification of the referral to the regional program.  This notification can be done in the team meeting notes, and on IEP7 by checking the box indicating that the IEP team considered a Regional Class placement.  Please be sure the needs of the student that are reflected in the IEP indicate the need for a county regional program that offers life skills and functional academics, therapeutic interventions or itinerant low incidence services.  The IEP document must meet compliance standards and not be in need of corrections prior to submitting to MCOE.

Please attach current assessments, behavior plans, and medical information. 

All assessments must be up to date prior to submitting the referral to MCOE.



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