Early Start Infant Program

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Dr. Deneen Guss, County Superintendent of Schools

Early Start Infant Program

Programs for Children with Special Needs

Early Start: Ages 0-3 years

The Monterey County Office of Education provides developmentally appropriate educational intervention and parent/care giver training to infants and toddlers ages 0 through 3 who are:

  1. blind or visually impaired.
  2. deaf or hard of hearing.
  3. orthopedically impaired.
  4. have global developmental delays.

Our skilled professional staff ensures appropriate provision of services through interdisciplinary credentialed teams of providers for the child and his/her family. A team may include one or more of the following:

  1. service coordinator
  2. deaf and hard of hearing teacher (D/HH)
  3. occupational therapist (OT)
  4. speech and language pathologist (SLP)
  5. teacher of the visually impaired (TVI)

An individualized family service plan (IFSP) is prepared in conjunction with the family. It is based on appropriate evaluations that incorporate the team approach to best reflect the child’s needs. The intent of the program is to support families to acquire developmentally appropriate skills necessary to promote the child’s development.

To make a referral, please contact Cheryl Provost.

Elizabeth Swain

Email: eswain@montereycoe.org

Amanda Cervantes

Email: acervantes@montereycoe.org
Phone: 831.422.8141 | Fax: 831.759.2061

Infant Program

MCOE West Campus - Room 5
901 Blanco Circle
Salinas, CA 93901

Phone: 831.237.0049

Regina Thomas
Infant Specialist

Melanie Crall
Infant Specialist

Greenfield High School - Room A
225 S. El Camino Real
Greenfield, CA 93927

Phone: 831.385.1244 x24

Colleen Ewart
Infant Specialist

Elizabeth Swain

Email: eswain@montereycoe.org

Amanda Cervantes

Email: acervantes@montereycoe.org
Phone: 831.484.9897

Infant Services for Deaf/Hard of Hearing Students

Karen Nalley Artalejo
D/HH Specialist
Phone: 831.449.1746 x250

Maria Sidiropoulou-Leontis
D/HH Specialist
Phone: 831.755.0300 x023

Jennifer Bodner
D/HH Specialist
Phone: 831.755.0300 x025

Kimberly Frazee-Gobel
D/HH Specialist
Phone: 831.755.0300 x021

Infant Services for Speech & Language Therapy Services

Alicia Hopkins
Phone: 831.755.0300 x013
Email: ahopkins@montereycoe.org

Infant Services for Occupational Therapy Services

Georgette Criswell
Phone: 831.755.0300 x013
Email: gcriswel@montereycoe.org


Terri Dye

Assistant Superintendent
Phone: 831.755.6431
Fax: 831.769.0732

Connie Espinoza

Executive Assistant
Phone: 831.755.0345
Fax: 831.769.0732

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