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Dr. Nancy Kotowski, County Superintendent of Schools

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The Monterey COE Technology & Operations (MCOE-T&O) department provides Microsoft Exchange-based messaging and group collaboration services to district staff. Exchange accounts are locally managed and stored in the datacenter at MCOE-TIS and replicated to our disaster recovery site. They include the following account types:

  • Individual
  • Departmental
  • Group

What's Included?

This service includes the following:

    • Email – Electronic messages are sent and received using Microsoft Exchange. Customized signatures and emails in plain text and HTML format can be generated. This service is redundant, fully supported, robust and secure to allow for maximum availability. A standard set of desktop clients are supported including Outlook 2010 for Windows, Outlook 2011 for Mac and Outlook Anywhere or newer versions.
    • Standard mailbox quota of 5 GB
    • Maximum attachment size of 50 MB
    • Mobile email – Push email services are available for mobile devices with active synch (e.g. iPhone and Android). Full support for Apple iOS devices and “best effort” support for all others.
    • Web access – Email is available remotely via Outlook Anywhere or, OWA via the following URL:
    • Calendaring – personal and shared calendars.
    • Contact Information – Consistent organization-wide address book. Functionality exists to create individual/Unit/Group online address books and contact records.
    • Distribution group – the creation, change and deletion of distribution lists are available for PC versions of Outlook.
    • Exchange Email - Account Unlock

Exchange Email - Password Reset

Exchange Email - Name Change — Change email address to match a legal name change.

    • Exchange Email - Increase Mailbox Quota
    • SPAM Quarantine – provided using Cisco Ironport.
    • Email backup – email is backed up daily at MCOE, with snapshots taken on an hourly basis.
    • Email Archiving is scheduled to be available early 2015
    • Service Desk – the Service Desk is available to assist with incidents and service requests.
    • Online portal – the primary means of reporting incidents and placing service requests.
    • Phone support – provided for emergency situations or other critical, time-sensitive needs.

What's Not Included?

This service does not include:

  • Mobile device setup

How We Charge

Districts: There is a one-time initial charge of $14.00. The ongoing annual cost (Second year and beyond) of $12.00 covers storage, anti-virus & maintenance licensing. 

First Year Charges

Ongoing Annual Charges

Exchange Licensing


5 GB Mailbox Size


Mail Anti-Virus


Mail Anti-Virus










Total Cost


Total Cost


How's the Service Measured?

  1. Customer satisfaction
  2. Incidents
    1. Total number of incidents reported per month and per year
    2. Mean time to respond and mean time to resolve incidents

Contact Information 

For service and support of this offering, contact the Service Desk at 831-755-0322.

For detailed information on this service, contact Jeffrey Velasquez at 831-755-0329.


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