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Personal Statement of Strengths

For those of you who aren’t yet regular subscribers of our blog, Tech Yak, you may have missed the one about our division working with 34 Strong, a “Strengthsfinder Coaching” organization. Their goal is to work with developing our individual strengths so we can be our best selves, which then contributes to the team and the organization.

The first step in starting the process is taking a survey that takes about forty minutes. When done, you receive your top five strengths out of a total of thirty-four. From this time on, the focus for each person is those five strengths; developing them, conscientiously using them daily, and being available to offer those skills in situations and projects where the team needs them.

During one of our sessions, our coach, Liz Ramos, had us do an individual exercise that required we each focus on those strengths to complete the Personal Statement of Strengths worksheet. Directions as follows:

Create a verbal statement of strengths. Think about your five Signature Themes and write a paragraph, poem, story, or statement that reflects your perception of your talents and how they work together - what role they play in your life.

Here are some of the results of that exercise:

Signature Themes


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