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Monterey County Office of Education

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Dr. Deneen Guss, County Superintendent of Schools


The MCOE Technology & Information Services offers a technology professional development program for MCOE employees in order to bolster their work efficiency and quality through the use of a number of different software applications. This professional development is offered in two ways:

► Customized Training Programs

We believe that the best professional development is sustained, planned, and differentiated. We will work with your team or department to develop a regimen of classes that meet your needs. It could be as simple as a one-time class held at your site or as complex as a series of trainings over the course of a year with cohorts and specific learning goals. To get started, contact Shann Chu via e-mail or by phone 831.755.0394 and we will begin the planning process.

► Regularly Scheduled Trainings

Though on-going, cohort based training is the most effective method of building skills, we recognize that disparate schedules, needs, and ability levels can interfere with its implementation. For that reason, we also offer regularly scheduled trainings in our Computer Instruction Center (also known as Room E) at the MCOE main campus.

Upcoming trainings are listed to the right. Click on an item’s title to get more information and to register for the event on MCOE’s OMS (Online Management System) webpage. These one to two hour training sessions are differentiated by ability and topic and are normally capped at 10 students to keep the learning environment open for easier discussion and more individual help when needed. Note: To register for an event you will need to create an OMS account.

Training: Learn, Workshop, Development, Skills, Coaching, Knowledge, TeachingIf you would like, you can view the full schedule of classes and use the << and >> buttons at the top to move between months.

Instructional Videos

Videos are a great way to expand your learning. We are constantly adding new videos to our library for you to view in order to learn more. Check out our YouTube Channel.

Curriculum & Resources

On-going learning is key to building your skills with any tool, including technology. Below are resources from our regularly scheduled classes that you can use to refresh, extend, or apply your learning from the training you took. You can also see a more detailed list of the topics covered in each session.


Trisha Paulson

Chief Technology & Operations Officer
Phone: 831.755.0324

Natalie Hatley

Executive Assistant
Phone: 831.784.4247

Kudos Korner