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Service Description

MCOE Technology & Operations (T&O) provides Desktop Support for authorized computing devices and associated applications for the purpose of maintaining a productive computing environment. Desktop Support covers many phases of the computing life cycle including purchasing guidance, deployment, maintenance, and troubleshooting. Ad-hoc user training is available as part of the troubleshooting and maintenance process.

What's Included?

This service includes the following:

Technology purchasing assistance

  • Hardware and software recommendations and assistance with establishing standards.

  • Hardware and software vendors liaison when deemed necessary by T&O management.

Computer setup and installation (new and repurposed)

  • Unpacking and connecting computer components.

  • Configuring approved operating system for network connectivity.

  • Installation of operating system patches and updates.

  • Installation of applications.

  • Transfer of data from an existing computer to a new machine. May include data conversion if necessary.

Comprehensive repair services

System Lifecycle Management: Deploy, Manage, Service, Secure

  • Troubleshooting

  • Hardware failure support

  • System rebuilds

Desktop application support

  • Installation and updating of software

  • Troubleshooting of common problems

  • Help with basic usage

  • Support for non-standard applications on case-by-case basis


  • Informal for individuals and small groups only.

Service Desk

  • Live phone support during normal operating hours (7:30am - 5:00pm M-F)

  • Online service portal and self-help knowledge base

  • Remote assistance

What's Not Included?

This service does not include support for the following:

  • Non-standard devices – devices are subject to the standards outlined in the MOU

  • Migration or recovery of personal files

  • Discouraged/prohibited software

  • Execution of Job Duties

  • Non-MCOE mobile devices

  • Advanced infrastructure services

  • Formal training

How We Charge

Charges are calculated annually and are based on district device counts. The price per device is based on the following scale:

Our Rates By Device and Number of Devices
Device CountDesktop / LaptopTabletChromebooks
1 – 99$500$120$200
100 - 299$400$100$160

How's the Service Measured?

Key Performance Indicators (KPI) will be utilized to measure T&O performance in relation to Desktop Support Services. The following lists the KPIs that will be utilized for this purpose:

How we measure performance.
NameHow it’s MeasuredMinimum LevelsTarget LevelsFrequency
Mean time to Repair (MTTR) per PriorityMTTR = (Sum of time between incident start and resolution)/Total number of incidents
Priority and Time Table
Priority and Time Table
Monthly & Cumulatively
Description: a metric that measures the availability of the system during normal operating hours.
Mean time to Resolution (MTTR) per PriorityMTTR = (Sum of time between service request start and resolution)/Total number of service requests
Priority and Time Table
Priority and Time Table
Monthly & Cumulatively
Description: Measures the time it takes to fulfill a request or resolve an issue.
Client satisfactionSurvey instrument utilizing 5 point Likert ScaleAvg. of 4 out of 5Avg. of 5 out of 5Quarterly
Description: Subjective measure of client satisfaction based upon a survey instrument.

Contact Information

Contact Information
RoleRepresentativeContact Information
Administrative ContactNatalie Hatley831.784.4247 |
Service ContactAdam Gavalla831.784.4264 |
Support ContactService Desk831.755.0322


Trish Paulson

Chief Technology & Operations Officer
Phone: 831.755.0324

Natalie Hatley

Executive Assistant
Phone: 831.784.4247

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