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Infrastructure Services

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Service Description

The Monterey COE Technology & Operations (T&O) division is responsible for the management of the countywide educational technology infrastructure. T&O manages telecommunications and system services provided to the districts of Monterey County. T&O also provides guidance to schools on large project deployments, and provides a number of other infrastructure related services.

What's Included?

Infrastructure services can be best understood by structuring them into the following categories:

  1. Telecommunications Services
  2. Enterprise System Services

Telecommunications Services

T&O provides management of telecommunications including, but not limited to, network services, network security, wireless and system monitoring. These services will typically apply to internal district devices not covered under other MCOE provided contracts or may provide extended services for devices covered by existing basic maintenance contracts.

Network Services and Security

T&O plans, designs, manages and controls the network infrastructure in order to provide a secure and reliable K12 network. The following services are offered:

  • Firewall configuration and management
  • Router and switch configuration and management
  • Identity and access management using Active Directory and RADIUS services
  • Virtual firewall for districts
  • VPN setup and secure access from outside the network
  • Intrusion prevention and detection
  • CIPA web filtering
Systems Monitoring and Management

The Infrastructure Services team can provide remote systems monitoring, management and maintenance as a service to minimize system down time and administrative costs.


T&O provides wireless technologies including wireless LAN and radios.

Enterprise System Services

T&O provides continuous operation of a data center located in Salinas, CA and a planned, co-located data center provided by San Benito County Office of Education located in Hollister, CA. Hosting services are available for infrastructure and applications on Windows and Linux server platforms.

Data Center Operation

Data center operations include all aspects of maintaining a high availability environment for computing services. This includes electrical power, heating/cooling, premise security, and environmental monitoring. It also includes the use of effective procedures and practices to achieve optimal effectiveness of the data center resource.

  • A well designed environment for high availability services
  • Cost effectiveness through leveraged use of shared facilities
  • Improved standardization from common requirements, procedures, and practices
  • Productivity gains through use of operations management automation tools 
Managed System Hosting

T&O provides hosting services for enterprise systems. Managed hosting includes management of all aspects of the system:

  • Server virtualization using VMWare Sphere
  • Managed hosting - Highly redundant and secure hosting platform using virtual and physical servers
  • Co-located hosting – Reliable environment using virtual co-located hosting
  • Private Cloud services using secure portal technologies
  • Enterprise-class data storage area network (SAN) for co-located and MCOE managed servers
  • Data backup and retention

What's Not Included?

This service does not include any related services, such as desktop support or mobile device management, nor does it include professional services beyond the defined scope of the particular services contracted. Desktop and a variety of other support and professional services are available as distinct services which must be contracted separately.

How We Charge

Charges for this service are rendered via service fees to subscribing districts. All services are available via Memorandums of Understandings (MOU) and are complete with Service Level Agreements. Prices are negotiable based on the actual scope of services contracted. The base labor rate for infrastructure services is $95/hour.

Hosting services are available using either dedicated or shared resources. The rates for dedicated web and database server pairs are:

  • Dedicated servers: $211/mo.
  • Shared servers: $43/mo.

How's the Service Measured?

We use Service Level metrics to measure attainment of key service goals. Following is a list of metrics tracked:


  • Network availability
  • Server/Service availability
  • Application availability
  • Data availability


  • Mean time between failures
  • Mean time to repair

Contact Information

Infrastructure Services Contact Information
RoleRepresentativeContact Information
Administrative ContactNatalie Hatley831.784.4247 |
Service ContactAdam Gavalla831.784.4136 |
Support ContactService Desk831.755.0322


Trish Paulson

Chief Technology & Operations Officer
Phone: 831.755.0324

Natalie Hatley

Executive Assistant
Phone: 831.784.4247

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