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Process Improvement

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Service Description

Improving organizational processes is critical for improving the performance of any operation. The District Process Improvement service is designed to assist districts in streamlining processes, improving access to information, and eliminating process waste, thereby leading to improvements in productivity, decision making, and the utilization of assets and resources.

Working in tandem with department staff and leadership, the District Process Improvement Team maps processes, establishes metrics for baseline measurement, provides research into best practices, makes appropriate recommendations, and provides an implementation plan including key performance metrics to measure the effectiveness of improvement efforts. Support does not stop here! The District Process Improvement Team will provide periodic follow-up based upon implemented performance measures, provide process improvement training for managers and staff, and assist with change management efforts within and outside the department.

Your district’s success is our success!

What's Included?

This service is a comprehensive suite of related services designed to assist organizations in improving processes for increased efficiency and productivity, reduced costs, improved revenue, and superior innovation. Utilizing a systems-based analysis process, the Process Improvement team accounts for all stakeholders and both upstream and downstream effects of a process. Among the services included are the following:

  • Organizational Process Education
  • Organizational Process Analysis
  • Organizational Process Review
  • Organizational Process Mapping
  • Process Improvement Training
  • Process Automation
  • Organizational Process Documentation
  • Organizational Process Reengineering
  • Implementation Guidance for New Processes
  • Change Management Consulting

What's Not Included?

Although this service is comprehensive, several related services are not included. To truly be effective, some functions need to be performed by the staff responsible for a given process. To this end, the following service components are not included with this service:

  • Implementation of recommendations
  • Job functions

How We Charge

Charges for this service are rendered via a service fee from MCOE-TIS to the subscribing district. All process improvement services are governed via a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). Service charges are calculated at a base labor rate of $105.00 per hour.

How's the Service Measured?

The following metrics communicate performance and maintain quality:

  • Percentage of projects delivered within agreed upon time frame
    This measure ensures that project’s do not create delays to client implementation and that project scope, and therefore cost, is managed effectively.

  • Improvement Estimate Precision
    This measure demonstrates how well the improvement efforts match with estimate goals such as cost reduction, efficiency gain, and increase in revenue to name a few.

  • Client Satisfaction
    Demonstrates the average satisfaction value for all clients of the service.

Contact Information

Process Improvement Contact Information
RoleRepresentativeContact Information
Administrative ContactNatalie Hatley831.784.4247 |
Service ContactBernard Burchette831.755.0311 |
Support ContactService Desk831.755.0322


Trish Paulson

Chief Technology & Operations Officer
Phone: 831.755.0324

Natalie Hatley

Executive Assistant
Phone: 831.784.4247

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