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Project Management

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Service Description

Effective project management guides the project through a controlled and visible set of activities to achieve project goals while significantly reducing or eliminating risks associated with the project. Additionally, utilizing a project manager provides internal staff the ability to concentrate on the business needs of the project without distractions in management activities required to keep the project on track.

MCOE’s Project Management service assists District-led project efforts by bringing a consistent, structured approach to projects based upon the methods, techniques, and best practices defined by the Project Management Institute. The service provides planning, organizing, and managing of resources, time, and scope to ensure project success.

What's Included?

Project Management: Assess, Define, Design, Build, Go Live

Effective project management requires a sound process for ensuring a project stays on budget, on time, and within scope. To achieve this, this service includes the following components:

  • Project Documentation
  • Project Planning
  • Coordination of Project Tasks
  • Progress Reporting
  • Project Oversight
  • Risk Management
  • Scope Management
  • Change Management

What's Not Included?

The following service components are not included with this service:

  • Implementation Services (unless part of the project)
  • Job Functions

How We Charge

Charges for this service are rendered via a service fee from MCOE-TIS to the subscribing district. All project management services are governed via a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). Service charges are calculated at a base labor rate of $95.00 per hour.

How's the Service Measured?

The following metrics communicate performance and maintain quality:

  • Project Schedule Variance (Plan v Actual)
  • Project Cost Variance (Plan vs. Actual)
  • Percentage of Changes Requiring Scope Change
  • Client Satisfaction

Contact Information

Operations Contact Information
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AdministrativeNatalie Hatley831.784.4146 | nhatley@montereycoe.org
Service ManagementBernard Burchette831.755.0311 | bburchette@montereycoe.org
SupportService Desk831.755.0322


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