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vaccination update

The Monterey County Office of Education (​M​COE)​ has been working for several months to advocate for the prioritization of the childcare and education sector in receiving COVID-19 vaccines.

In early February, we were notified that all childcare and education employees ages 65-74 would be eligible to register for a vaccination appointment in Monterey County on February 17th. Thus far, we are aware of hundreds of employees who have qualified for and received their vaccination in this category.

MCOE is continuing to collaborate with districts and schools throughout the county, the Monterey County Health Department and local healthcare providers to host childcare and education-specific clinics beginning tomorrow, March 3rd, when all employees in the education and childcare sector are eligible to register for an appointment to receive a COVID-19 vaccine.

Please note: some clinics are specific to certain areas or districts based upon availability of vaccines for that specific region. Additional clinics will be scheduled for the next several weeks until all those in the childcare and education sector who wish to be vaccinated have been given the opportunity to do so.

All childcare and education employees can also make an appointment starting tomorrow (March 3rd) with their primary care provider or at any of the open clinics throughout the county. A list of vaccination sites is updated throughout the day here. This site is best navigated in Chrome.

As new clinics become available, employees will receive information from their employer.

All counties in California are still required to allocate 70 percent of their supplies to individuals 65 and older. But the remaining 30 percent will be divided among the new sectors, and the governor has called for 10 percent of the state’s doses to be reserved for educators. A release from the Governor’s Office last week indicated that counties not allocating 10 percent of their vaccinations to educators would receive a “true up” via single-use codes provided to the county offices of education. At this time, Monterey County Office of Education has not received any single-use codes.

Our state and our county are operating with a limited supply of vaccines, so we ask the community for patience as we work to make this process as efficient as possible. While our county’s allocation has increased, the amount cannot meet the needs of all in this phase (including childcare and education, agriculture and food, and first responders). Therefore, obtaining appointments may take some time depending on supply levels and the number of employees in the childcare and education sector, which includes employees from early childhood education, public, charter, private and schools of higher education. 

Monterey County districts and schools continue to plan and prepare for the return of students to in-person instruction on timelines that are specific to public health conditions and the needs of their school communities.


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