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Surplus Inventory

MCOE and School Districts’ Surplus Inventory Site

“Reusing Makes $ense”

This service, provided by the Monterey County Office of Education, is available to help MCOE and school districts recycle and reuse unneeded textbooks, supplies and other materials.

Each school district has its own policies for declaring instructional materials and other property surplus and disposing of it. These policies are based on California Education and Government Codes. Employees of school districts should refer to their own district’s board policies and administrative regulations before submitting items to this surplus site.

Once items are deemed as surplus items, districts can complete a Surplus Item Form and send to Teri James to add items to the below surplus list.

MCOE employees/departments wanting to surplus items should contact first their department director and then both the Business Office and General Services departments before declaring items surplus or disposing of them.  MCOE surplus items must be submitted to and approved by the Business/Finance department.

Current Surplus Items


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