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July 31, 2019


To Whom It May Concern:

I am pleased to introduce a new program being launched by the Monterey County Office of Education called, “Inside Education Monterey County”. This program is a series of workshops and field trips designed to better acquaint community leaders with public education in Monterey County.

The “Inside Education Monterey County” program will provide participants with a first-hand, interactive look at the local educational programs, services, and partnerships made possible through the collaborative effort of the Monterey County Office of Education, our 24 local school districts, and other experienced professionals and community leaders. Participants will have an opportunity to speak directly with education leaders and visit school sites throughout the county to learn more about what is happening day-to-day in our schools as well as learn about the most pressing challenges facing educators.

The program will consist of eight half-day sessions once a month from September through May. Each half-day session will focus on a specific theme/curricular area and will include site visits. Workshops will begin at 7:45 a.m. with breakfast while participants receive an overview of the curricular focus. Directly after the overview, participants will board our school buses and be transported to each of the schools and programs. Participants will then return to the Monterey County Office of Education for lunch and a debrief/question and answer time.

Participants will also be invited to attend special events occurring throughout the year such as: Mock Trial, Constitution Day, Science and Engineering Fair, Mathletics, Spelling Bee, Law Day, etc.

The “Inside Education Monterey County” program is a unique opportunity to learn about the current challenges, intricacies, and the remarkable work educators and school administrators are doing to improve the education and well-being of students in Monterey County. This program is modeled after the very successful “Inside Education” program offered in Santa Cruz County for the last 12 years.

To register for the 2019-20 Inside Education Monterey County session, please click here and register online. Again, the program is free to participants, but we do ask that the participants be committed to completing the entire program. 

We look forward to hearing from you!


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Dr. Deneen Guss

Monterey County Superintendent of Schools

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