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Operation Recognition

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Did you miss graduating from high school due to military service or internment?

You may be eligible to receive your high school diploma through Monterey County Office of Education Operation Recognition Veterans Diploma Project.

Qualified veterans are:

  • Individuals who served in World War II, the Korean War, or the Vietnam War.
  • Japanese American citizens who left high school for purposes of internment in World War II relocation camps.


  • Current residents of Monterey County.
  • Able to provide verification of military service and honorable discharge or proof of having been interned in a relocation camp.
    The Military and Veterans’ Affairs Office can help.
  • Were enrolled in high school prior to enlistment in military service or internment in a World War II relocation camp.

Surviving family members can apply for a posthumous recognition.

A printable application is available for download as well as a fillable PDF form application. You can also obtain a printed application by calling the Monterey County Office of Education’s Communications Officer at 831.784.4245.

There is no charge to participate.