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Dr. Deneen Guss, County Superintendent of Schools

Welcome to MCOE!

Hello, I’m Dr. Deneen Guss, and I am proud to serve as your Monterey County Superintendent of Schools. It is my pleasure to welcome you today to the Monterey County Office of Education. The county office of education plays a unique role in supporting public education. Founded more than 150 years ago, the Monterey County Office of Education is one of the 58 county offices created to facilitate the operation of California’s complex public education system.

Receptionist: “Good morning.” 

Visitor: “Good morning, hi…”

We provide the leadership, support and service to 24 school districts and our nearly 78,000 students. We annually review and approve district budgets and their Local Control and Accountability Plans.

Educational Services

The Educational Services Division at the Monterey County Office of Education provides a wide variety of differentiated supports and services. From professional learning and curriculum and instruction expertise to leadership and capacity development.

So the Monterey County Office of Education has made a really strong commitment to equity and to reducing disparities amongst student groups so that we can ensure that access and opportunity are available, but also positive outcomes for students in the pathway of their choosing. 

Leader: “Take your individual puzzle pieces and now make the puzzle whole.”

The Educational Services team also works collaboratively with local school districts to provide professional learning supports for continuous school improvement; specifically for their English learners, low socioeconomic and foster youth students. 

MCOE is excited to provide many student academic, motivational programs.

Superintendent: “We’re going on a hunt today. You are being recognized as MCOE’s first ever Employee of the Month!” Congratulations!”

We also enjoy recognizing outstanding employees of the year, including our Classified Employees of the Year and our Teachers of the Year.

Business Services

The Business Services of the Monterey County Office of Education provides three distinct business services: internal business services, payroll services and district advisory services. 

In the state of California, public school funds are the largest component of the state budget. And because of that, we want to make sure that the public’s funds are expended properly and that both the school districts and the county office are good stewards of the taxpayers’ dollars.

Technology Services

Supervisor: “There it is.”

The Technology and Operations Division provides support for our organization’s initiatives and programs as well as those in the school districts.

Technician: “I think I found the setting that’s incorrect. I’m going to change it.”

You may know us best for our support technicians who are out in the field ensuring that all of our technology is running smoothly.

General Services

The General Services and Business Support Division provides many services to both internal programs at the Monterey County Office of Education and to our districts externally.

Such as the management of mail and delivery services, central warehousing and asset management, meeting room scheduling and event planning, and maintenance, custodial, safety and security and services to all of MCOE’s satellite educational programs. 

Sound of bus alerts ringing. 

Our Transportation Department is proud to provide home-to-school transportation for all of our local and regional programs within the Monterey County Office of Education. We also provide services to districts in the capacity of field trips and ongoing contract services. 

School safety is a top priority for us and we will continue to work with experts in the field to ensure our students and staff have the most current and relevant crisis and emergency response training. 

Human Resources

The Human Resources Department at the Monterey County Office of Education provides several services to districts such as credential monitoring, recruitment services, superintendent searches, professional development workshops for our human resources departments.

But the thing I’m most proud of is how we are addressing the teacher shortage in Monterey County. We are providing How to Become a Teacher Workshops throughout the year where we collaborate with our educational partners in educating our community on the teacher pathway to becoming a teacher.

MCOE offers direct student programs when it’s more efficient and effective to offer these programs countywide.

Student Services

Our goal of the Student Services Division of the Monterey County Office of Education is to align resources so that our students lead a happy, healthy and successful life.

We have phenomenal staff who work in Alternative Education, Migrant Education, our Monterey County Early Learning Program, Foster Youth and McKinney-Vento Homeless, Compliance, and our Monterey County Home Charter School who make a difference every day.

Our Early Learning Program provides services for families who are low-income, who have children from ages three to five years old. 

Child: “Yes, that’s my hotel.”

Our curriculum is inclusive of language development, print, mathematics, we do a little bit of science, social studies, art, music. When they walk into Kinder, they’ll be able to just transition in and be at the top of the class. 

Migrant Education here in our region looks like for us is students who are leaving for two to three months at a time, returning for a period of time, leaving again for another month or two, and returning. Our goal is to make sure that when students arrive, they have the supports they need, and when they leave, we’re making connections to make sure they receive the support they need where they’re going.

I’m very appreciative because they really have helped me a lot. And they’ve expanded my opportunities for what I want to do in the future and where I want to go to college. 

Student: “You can get a different answer because it has nine y.”

Alternative Education is a program that supports students in all of their learning styles with a strong focus on college and career transitions. We have hybrid independent study programs that attend school for two hours a day, as well as traditional style independent study programs.

Student: “138?”

Teacher: “138. Alright.” 

We have court and community schools. Our court schools focus on rehabilitation and student transitions. Our community schools allow students to explore their passions. 

I really picked up my credits. I don’t really miss a day.

Sound of working on plane parts, seat belt locking, and door closing shut.

When I found out that I’m gonna be in a plane, and you know, flying a plane, it was kind of interesting. 

Sound of the plane starting.

It really changed me.

Sound of propeller spinning.

I see myself flying. I really enjoy it because you just leave all your worries down below. 

The common theme is they get lost in regular high schools. When you’re one of 3,000 versus one of 20, it’s a different amount of attention.

I’ve had such a wonderful experience in this school, honestly. It’s been the best. Teachers are like amazing. I was having a little trouble because I had a lot of family problems, but my teachers here in school, they help me, like, overcome that. It’s like we’re all one big family.

Special Education

The Special Education Department at MCOE provides a range of services for students with special needs. 

Teacher: “Y equals M X plus B.”

We have programs for students who are deaf and hard of hearing, students who have visual impairments, autism, multiple disabilities, and students who benefit from life skills and specialized academic instruction. 

Teacher singing: “Good morning, good morning…”

It’s an individual, it’s a personal type of gift I think that a person has, because you have to kind of have compassion and you have to have joy in your heart. 

Teacher: “How are you young lady? Good to see you.”

Doing what I do with my staff and my kids…

“Thursday, good job.”

...serves the community…

“Angel! Good morning, sir!”

...and fills that gap that districts can’t provide for students in their area. 

Our team believes that every student deserves a high quality education that will prepare them to make their college and career dreams a reality. Thank you for your continued support of the Monterey County Office of Education. 


Dr. Deneen Guss

County Superintendent
Phone: 831.755.0301

Carla Strobridge Stewart

Assistant to the County Superintendent
Phone: 831.784.4244

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